Biblical Hypocrisy the Downfall of Many

Biblical hypocrisy will cause many people to end up in hell. The scribes and pharisees had the scriptures and although the scriptures predicted the coming of Messiah, those people who knew the scriptures very well and who were expecting Messiah, did not accept Him. They crucified Him. They would not listen to Him, they clung to the scriptures. Exactly the same today, many believers do not trust the Holy Spirit. They cling to their knowledge of the Bible and their interpretation of the Bible. I used to be like that and I look back and I thank the Lord that He opened my eyes. The Lord Jesus opened my eyes to understand the scriptures, but to be led by the Holy Spirit.
Jesus opened the minds of His disciples so that they could understand the scriptures. Understanding and wisdom comes from our relationship with Jesus but if we seek for guidance and knowledge in the scriptures then we will reject the Holy Spirit of God and we will reject Jesus Christ. We must hang on to Jesus above everything. We must trust Him, we must trust the Holy Spirit and pray for wisdom. We must humble ourselves before the Lord. The reason for all the denominations and different interpretations of the Bible is because people do not listen to the Holy Spirit. The follow their own mind and therefor they are deceived, that is why they are divided. If we are of the same Spirit, if we submit ourselves to the Holy Spirit, then He will guide us into all truth, but if we are self righteous, then we will hang onto our own knowledge of the scriptures, which are the truth (the scriptures). The scribes and the pharisees had the truth but they did not recognize Messiah when He came and they perished in their sins, because they rejected the Lord of Glory. Dear friend, we must be very careful that we do not reject Jesus in favor of the Bible or of anything else.
Jesus Christ alone is the way and the truth and the life. If we trust Him, as the Bible says, then He will guide us into all truth because Jesus cannot fail. We must trust Jesus and follow Him and He will guide us into all truth.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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