Witchcraft in the Church

I want to talk about sorcery in the church organizations.
Now, I must distinguish here that the true Church is the Body of Christ and cannot be separated from Christ. Now, church organizations, or ministries, as some refer to them, are not the Body of Christ. They are organizations. There might be some people in those organizations who do belong to the Body of Christ, but the organization is not the Body of Christ. There are some of those organizations that do good work and bring people to Jesus. But some of them are extremely wicked and their power lies in sorcery.They manipulate people by various means to achieve their goals and their goals are NOT to bring people to Jesus Christ but to make use of them, to get money from them. And these organizations, or ministries, use the Bible, and other means, to cast spells on people. Because they get a hold of their minds, and they enslave them. They use Bible verses to compel people to give their money. They pull out certain verses, like tithing, they force people to pay 10% of their money to the church. And then many of these organizations will also preach lasciviousness. In other words, they say,”We are under Grace, not under law, so we don’t need to keep the law of Moses.” But the Law of Moses says you’ve got to tithe. So they are hypocrites, they are cheating, lying hypocrites. We are not to pay tithes to churches or organizations.

Jesus Christ does not want money of us. He wants your heart! God wants righteousness in us. These people also prey on the lust of men to be rich and they say to them that you’ve got to sow seed into the Kingdom of God, and if you sow, then you will receive back, some tenfold, thirtyfold, hundredfold. But the only person that receives is the ministry, or the organization. They are extorting money from people. Another way that these people go about casting spells on people is through “spiritual gifts.” I would not say which spirit it is, because it’s got to be the spirit of the devil. They prophesy over people, and those who feed them, those they bless. But those who do not give them money,they curse. As it’s also written in Micah – I read from Micah 3:5 – about these prophets of these ministries.

He says, “Thus says the Lord concerning the prophets who led my people astray -when they have something to bite with their teeth, they cry ‘peace.’But against him who puts nothing in their mouth,they declare a holy war.”

We see this, that these ministries, when people support them, they bless them. But when people stop giving money, they curse them; they put “holy” curses on them.There’s no such thing as a holy curse or a holy war; it is wicked! It is from the devil.

These prophecies of theirs, of these people, that is sorcery, that is lies, that is deception! And the only power that these lies, that these prophecies have is the deception. If you believe it, then you fear them and you will give them money. The majority of current churches operate in that way because people believe if they don’t go to church, they go to hell.

The churches have taken the Scripture,”Do not forsake the assembly” so now they force people to come to church. The assembly of the Saints is when those people who Love Jesus, when they come together. And let me tell you one thing – If you love Christ, you’re going to find another brother who loves Christ. But it doesn’t mean that you’re going to go to the club and submit yourself to leadership who is fleecing the sheep – who is taking money from your pocket. You don’t serve God with your money, you serve Him with your heart!

Jesus did not come to make us rich, He came to make us righteous. And the righteousness which is by faith is not that you just believe you are righteous, and now you’re righteous – you believe Christ made you righteous.The righteousness of Christ is because you live righteously! If Christ has made you righteous, my friend, you are inside a changed man and woman and you live righteously! That is what God is interested in. He’s not interested in your money; He’s not interested in your church attendance. He’s interested that you fear Him and you love Him and you are in a relationship with Him every moment of your life!

It is not about building churches, the Body of Christ, the Church of Christ is not a building. Christ made our bodies to be the temple of the Holy Spirit. And those in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, they are the Temple of God. God does not live in a church. The power of these deceivers lies in using the Bible and various other means to manipulate people and enslave them. And these poor people will, in the end, wake up and find out that they never knew Jesus Christ and Jesus will say to them -“Go away, I never knew you.” What God wants is not your money. He doesn’t want your church attendance. He does not want you to submit to some self-proclaimed apostle or prophet. Fear no man; Fear God alone! There is one Teacher, and that is Jesus Christ, His Holy Spirit. There is only one God that you’ve got to fear, and that’s God almighty. There’s only one Head to whom you report – and that is Jesus Christ. Nobody else!! God is our Father, not people. What does the Lord require of us, what does God want of us?

Let us read from Michah 6:6 – He says, “With what shall I come to the Lord and bow myself before the God on High? Shall I come to Him with burnt offerings with yearling calves? (I.E. – Does the Lord want your money? No.)

“Does the Lord delight in thousands of rams and ten thousand rivers of oil?”Seed faith, as these people say. No!

Shall I present my first born for my rebellious acts, the fruit of my body from the fruit of my soul? (IE – Must I sacrifice to God? No!)

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you? But to do justice, to love kindness,and to walk humbly with your God.” That is what God requires of us. It is that we love righteousness, we must do justice, love kindness, love each other, not curse each other,  because God wants righteousness in us.

DO NOT fear these people! Do not be part of these organizations, but be part of the Body of Christ. Follow Jesus Christ with all your heart and you will find fellowship with true brothers in Christ. You will make fellowship because you will be bringing others to Jesus and you will be building the Kingdom of God; that is true Church, not these extortioners.

Follow Jesus and be the Body of Christ!Be holy, be righteous so that the Spirit of God will dwell in you, and the Light of Christ will shine through you.

May Jesus bless you.

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