A disciples’s life

Many people have a totally wrong idea of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. It does not mean that you abandon life, you wear white clothes and you don’t get your hands dirty, you keep yourself busy with praying and preaching. That is not discipleship. Being a disciple means that you are a normal man, living in this world, but you are not of this world, you are of the Kingdom of God and you seek to please Jesus. You take care of your responsibilities, your wife, your children, but your life is determined by Jesus. The occupation that you do is determined by Jesus. He will guide your footsteps. He will guide you in what work to do. He calls us to be servants, not to be served and sit somewhere in a parsonage and you wear nice clothes and you are so “sanctified” that you cannot touch anything, you cannot work. We are servants dear friends. We are here to work. We are here to do what God wants us to do and we carry out testimony while we live as ordinary citizens.
Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit to guide each and every one of us into that which HE WANTS US TO DO and if He enables us, to be able to preach full time we do so, but if we have got to work we work. But we don’t beg and we don’t ask money off people. We go about what God leads us into, where He sends us, that is what we do. We are not dependent on people. We follow Jesus and we please Him.
We are also not better than anybody else. Jesus called us out from where we were and if God has given us Spiritual gifts, it means He has given us a responsibility, to work, tools, to do His work. He hasn’t given us status, so now we are better than other people. We are servants. We are all just servants of the Kingdom of God. None of us is elevated above the other one, we are here to serve each other and to serve the Kingdom of God. We are here to bring other people into a relationship with Jesus where they as normal people, who live a normal life, where they follow Jesus, where they listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, where they are taught by the Holy Spirit, how to bring up their children, how to manage their house, how to do their job in a godly way. We are in the world but we are not of the world.
Everything that we do is determined by our relationship with Jesus. We refer everything to Him and say:”Lord, show me how to do this.” We get our wisdom from Him and we do everything to please Him. And if Jesus calls you and if He sends you, to a place where you do not know, if He tells you to sell everything you have got and to go there, then you go there! You obey Him, but you have got to hear from Him! He will speak to you, He will make it clear to you, but you follow Jesus, you don’t follow people. You don’t look for a sponsor. If Jesus sends you, He will make sure that you are provided with everything that you need, and if you need to work, He will provide you with work also, because we are ordinary people. We walk in the dust, we are not people who are elevated and who sit in pulpits and on thrones. We are not little gods in our own right that do what we want to do, we are servants of God and we are here to serve. We are here to serve our brothers and sisters. We are here to bring out neighbors to Christ. We are servants, friends. We must be LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. Our relationship with Jesus is all that matters and that determines our actions, our deeds, what we do, because if we are children of God we are led by the Spirit of God. We must ask Jesus about everything, about your marriage, a marriage partner, about your work, about where you live, about everything. We must submit it to Jesus in prayer and wait on Him, and He will guide our footsteps. He will open doors and He will close doors but our focus is on Jesus, not on people. We are here to be ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. We are following Jesus. We are not here to please men or to be conformed to this world. We must live as children of God amongst a depraved and wicked generation. We must shine as lights in this world. We must bring light in darkness.
May Jesus bless you.

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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