Prepare for the Antichrist

Ever so often, I get e-mails and videos sent to me of the Antichrist, the coming tribulation, how to prepare for it, where to run to, what to
accumulate, what to do about it.
These are sensationalists, My Friends. We should not be worried about these things, My Friends.
There’s only one thing that we’ve got to be worried about, and that is our relationship with Jesus Christ and being holy and pure before God.
That’s what we should be worried about, not about these other things.
Jesus said – “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these other things will be added unto you.”
My Friend, God is MIGHTY to protect each and every man, and let me tell you today that God loves every person in this world.
It is not the will of God that anyone –
that ANYONE should perish, nobody!
God loves us, My Friend.
But sin is the cause of all this peril in the world, sin is the cause of the judgment of God.
What you should be doing and I should be doing as Christians and followers of Christ is preaching Jesus Christ, preaching repentance.
Now Christians are running away, trying to protect themselves and preserve themselves.
My Friend, you’re going to get caught with those you’re running away with.
You cannot run away from the Antichrist, you cannot run away from New World Order or whatever conspiracy that you are scared of.
You’ve got to be scared of one thing, My Friend, and that is THE LIVING GOD!
Jesus Christ said to fear Him, who after He has killed, is able to put you into HELL!
That is Whom you’ve got to fear, My Friend.
You’ve got to FEAR JESUS CHRIST, but these same people sit in front of the television and they say that they are still sinners. They confess that they are sinners. They fight about the Scriptures, and anything and everything. They love their church, and they love their associations and their own opinions.
My Friend, you’ve got to belong to Jesus, not to some group or political party, or some action group – YOU’VE GOT TO BELONG TO CHRIST!
If you belong to Christ, My Friend, you belong to the Kingdom of God and you don’t need to defend youself, you don’t need to run.
You’ve just got to be with Jesus all the time – let the love and the beauty of Christ shine through you and be a witness of Jesus!
Not of division and hatred and panic and fear.
My Friend, where the love of God is, there is peace.
Wherever you are, whatever your circumstances are, you have peace.
Why? You are with the King, you’re part of His Kingdom – nothing can touch you that God does not allow.
Jesus loves you, My Friend, but if you don’t come closer to Him, He won’t protect you.
If you start running around, you’re not busy with Jesus – He’s not guiding you into all of those things, into all the panic and the paraphernalia.
He says to come to Me, whoever is burdened and heavy laden, come to Me and I will give you rest for your soul.
That’s where the rest and the peace is, My Friend, is with Jesus.
And then you follow Him and you obey Him and you witness for Him, and the love of Christ shines through you.
But if you start getting all worked up by all these prophecies and things that people are – they got these seminars and they’re making these videos about it – and it’s all this hype, but they don’t have Jesus Christ, My Friend.
Do you have Jesus? Do you have the peace of Christ in you?
ARE YOU where you ought to be in your relationship with Christ, My Friend? Or have you got hidden sins, have you got vices that are holding you back?
Is that why you got fear in your heart, because you’re not right with God? Because then YOU GOT REASON, My Friend, to FEAR!
There is only one place where there is peace, and that is go on your knees, go before Jesus Christ and say – “Lord, I need You, I come as I am, Father – please help me.”
He’s waiting for you, My Friend, and He loves you, He’s close to you, He’s not far away from you.
Jesus is close to you, but you’re separating yourself from Him through your fears and your anxiety.
My Friend, God loves you, He loves you, He cares for you.
Jesus died on that cross on calvary for each and every one of us.
And He invites us – He say – “Come to Me, all you who are heavy laden,” but get rid of your burdens, get rid of your sins, get rid of your fears,
get rid of your own opinions, your own ambitions.
Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus Christ, My Friend.
Get rid of your sin, REPENT! REPENT of sin, My Friend!
REPENT of your hatred, all of those things that are holding you back and
become pure before Christ. That is what we need, My Friend,
we need Jesus – He loves us. My Friend, just empty the bag out, just take the whole bag and trash it. All of your pain, your hurt, all of your sins, your love for self – EMPTY IT OUT!
Come before Jesus – CRY OUT before Him, repent of it!
And then, My Friend, pick up your cross daily, and follow Jesus Christ, and the peace and the love of Christ will be in you and the Light of Christ will shine through you to this dark world!
Are you darkness or light, My Friend?
If a light in a man is darkness, how great is that darkness not?
How much light shines through you, My Friend?
Let Jesus come into your heart and let His light shine through you.
Repent of sin and seek Him, and He will shine through you, My Friend.
May Jesus Bless You.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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