What if there is NO RAPTURE?

Many believers fix their hope on the rapture. They expect to be snatched out of here before the tribulation starts. They have been told that if they say the sinners prayer and they are baptized in water, then they are saved, saved and sealed and waiting for Jesus to come and PLUCK them out of here before the big trouble starts. Dear friend, what will happen to you, if there is no rapture?
Jesus did not promise to snatch us out, He said:”I will be with you in tribulation.” Jesus did not tell us to WAIT for a rapture, He said:”If any man wishes to come after Me, let Him deny Himself, pick up his cross and follow Me.” He also said that you will be hated by all men. He also said that “Where I am there My servant will also be.” Jesus called us to work for His Kingdom, not to WAIT. He said:”My sheep LISTEN to My voice and they follow Me.” Dear friend, things will not work out the way that we expect!
The moment you die, then reality kicks in and either Jesus knows you and He welcomes you in or He tells you:”I do not know you, go away.” The Lord Jesus gave me a dream of a friend of mine who passed away. Shortly after he passed away I dreamed that my friend got to the gates of heaven and he said:”Lord Jesus, I am here!” and a voice said to him:”Who are you?” He said his name and a voice said:”I do not know you, go away!” Friend, if Jesus does not know us, then He will not allow us entry into heaven. Do you know Jesus and does Jesus know you? Will He tell you to come in? Have you got a real relationship with Jesus? Or ARE YOU JUST HOPING FOR THE RAPTURE? You need to make sure, right now, friend! Go on your knees and ask Jesus whether He is satisfied with you, because the moment you die it will be too late to do anything about it. Make sure now! Call on Jesus, He is ALIVE! Make sure that the moment you die, He will welcome you in and not show you away!
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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