Salvation is NOT a Plan, Package or Set of Steps

Salvation is not a plan, a package, a system, a kit, a series of steps that you follow and then you have eternal life. Dear friend, SALVATION is KNOWING JESUS the Living God and HIM KNOWING YOU THROUGH REVELATION. If YOU DON’T KNOW JESUS for REAL and HE does NOT KNOW YOU and YOU are NOT PLEASING to HIM, there is NO WAY that you can have eternal life, there is no way that you will go into Heaven. The only WAY to have SALVATION is to KNOW JESUS and you KNOW HIM when HE REVEALS HIMSELF to YOU. You go on your knees and you cry out to Jesus and you ask Him to forgive your sins and to reveal Himself to you. You cry out, dear friend, UNTIL you KNOW that you’ve met Jesus and then you work on that relationship until the very end of your life. He can talk, He is the Living God! It is not a system, it is not going to church, it is not reading your Bible. It is about Jesus and Jesus Christ alone, nothing else, dear friend. Many people THINK that they are SAVED and they DON”T KNOW JESUS. Have you met Jesus for real? Do you have a REAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM or do you just THINK that you are SAVED because somebody DECEIVED you with Scriptures? JESUS IS ALIVE, dear friend. CRY OUT to HIM, SEEK HIM UNTIL you get to KNOW HIM for REAL and STAY WITH HIM until the very end. YOU NEED CONFIRMATION from JESUS HIMSELF ALL the TIME that HE IS PLEASED WITH YOU. Or else He will one day say to you: GO AWAY I NEVER KNEW YOU. Make sure before it is too late dear friend. Get on your knees and cry out to Jesus UNTIL you get to know Him. May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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