When will you start FOLLOWING Jesus?

Many people have heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and they have called out to Jesus from their hearts. They have asked Him to come into their life and they received joy, the joy of forgiveness of sin, the joy of acceptance by Jesus Christ and then THEY TURNED RELIGIOUS. They turned away from Jesus and they became religious hypocrites. They started reading the Bible and they became educated but they never became disciples.
They never got into a true relationship with Jesus, they were never led by the Holy Spirit of God. They never received the Holy Spirit. They are happy with “salvation” which they don’t have, because they are not following Jesus. Salvation is KNOWING Jesus, following Him every day, denying yourself, picking up your cross, listening to the Holy Spirit and having your sight set on the Kingdom of God, FOLLOWING JESUS CHRIST.
Dear friend, have you started following Jesus, since the day that you met Him? Or did you turn away? Did you become religious? Is your relationship with Jesus REAL? Is Jesus pleased with you? Does He give you daily confirmation that He is pleased with you? If you don’t have that confirmation, dear friend, then you are not in a relationship with Jesus and you are CERTAINLY NOT FOLLOWING HIM. You are just deceived!
Get to know Jesus, friend! If you have never followed Him, get down on your knees now, start crying out to Him, CALL ON HIM! REPENT OF YOUR SIN and start following Jesus before it is too late!
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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