The devil carries a Bible

Jesus Christ the King of kings the Lord of lords, the Owner of everything. The Lord of the universe to whom everything belongs, did not come to this earth in the package that people like. He did not come as a religious clergyman. He came as a servant , a carpenter, a man despised by men. Everything belong to Him and He came to His own and they rejected Him because He did not look like what they expected to see.
The devil carries a Bible. The devil is very religious, he is a clergyman. He sits in the pulpits and from there he rules over the people. He has his agents all over. They draw people to “church” and he gets them into the Bible because that is how he can deceive people. They run after people, preachers and they get wise from the Scriptures and they don’t need Jesus Christ at all. Jesus warned, He said that if it were possible, even the very elect, will be deceived. The devil comes as an angel of light. He does not come with a three pronged fork. He sits in the pulpits and he speaks nice words and the people adore him for his wisdom and he makes them wise because he gives them all knowledge and discernment. They each have a Bible from which they can gain discernment. They are empowered by satan but they don’t know Jesus. Jesus Christ came as a Servant, He had nothing, He didn’t carry nothing. He was doing the will of His Father, He didn’t speak His own Words. He just came as a servant. Those who follow Jesus will be like He was. They will not have their own wisdom. They will not be accepted by the people. They will not be scripture wise but the Light of Christ will shine through them and the power of God will dwell in them because they KNOW Jesus. Because they are in a relationship with the true God. Dear friend, if you want to know Jesus, go on your knees and go and seek Him and do not be bamboozled by the religious hypocrites who are outwardly pious but they are ravines wolves . All that they are after is you, your money and your support. They are not taking you to Jesus, they are taking you to hell with them because they belong to the angel of light, satan. You will know a tree by its fruit. If a person belongs to Jesus, He will be like Jesus, He will talk like Jesus. Do you belong to Jesus or are you of this world? Are you conformed to this world? The church is conformed to this world, it does things exactly the same with trickery, with witchcraft, with deception, they are just like this world. Watch out that you are not deceived. Get to know Jesus dear friend. Ask Him for His Holy Spirit and He will guide you into all truth. Don’t listen to the angels of light in the pulpits. Get on your knees, call on Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit. He sent us the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth.
May Jesus bless you.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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