Why the Bible IS NOT the Word of God

The scriptures that are contained in, what is commonly known as the Bible are all, the writings of men. They were written by men, not by angels or aliens or even God Himself. They were the writings of men. Some of those men received revelation from God, God spoke to some of them, some of them prophets, others were given revelation by the Holy Spirit, but still IT IS THE WRITINGS OF MEN, flesh and blood.
The gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were written by four different authors. Luke investigated what had happened in that time that Jesus walked the earth and from what he determined, from his studies, he wrote up his own account, and that is the book of Luke. Luke never walked with Jesus. The apostles themselves also wrote, Paul who wrote the most, Peter, John, but those words that they wrote were their own. They were epistle (letters) written to the believers like I would give you a message that I received from the Lord, which might contain words that the Lord gave me but also my own words. Its not the word of God. THE BIBLE CANNOT BE THE WORD OF GOD. There are messages that might be from God, but that is why God sent us the Holy Spirit, the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, to guide us into all truth, to confirm to us WHICH OF THOSE WORDS written by men and spoken by men WERE REALLY FROM GOD. Because not all those words were from God. Everything that Paul wrote and said is not the gospel, they are his own words. The gospel of Jesus Christ was preached by Himself but it was recorded by men and men are fallible! Men make mistakes in their recordings. Men make mistakes in their translations and THERE ARE DELIBERATE MISTAKES MADE IN INTERPRETATIONS made by men, because they do things according to their own liking.
So dear friends, this (Bible) is not the Word of God. This is a book, it is just the scriptures and it contains the truth also but it needs to be verified by the Holy Spirit. We must trust in Jesus and be led by the Holy Spirit, that is why Jesus sent the Holy Spirit. Man will not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from THE MOUTH OF GOD, whatever God speaks. All of this (Bible) was not spoken by God, it was spoken by men. The words that God spoke will happen the way God spoke them, but all that is written here (Bible) is not the word of God, its the words of men, that have recorded, some words of God sometimes. Our focus and our trust must be in Jesus, WE MUST BE LED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD. He gives His Holy Spirit to every man who accepts Him as MASTER and He guides them by His Spirit, NOT BY A BOOK! NEITHER BY OTHER PEOPLE.
Dear friend, YOU NEED TO HEAR FROM JESUS HIMSELF, His sheep LISTEN TO HIS VOICE and they follow Him. HIS VOICE IS THE HOLY SPIRIT. Have you received the Holy Spirit, and do you LISTEN to the Holy Spirit? Because, if you do not have the Spirit of Christ and you do not listen, YOU ARE NOT HIS SHEEP, YOU DON’T BELONG TO HIM!
You need to pray, get on your knees and pray, ASK HIM to give you the Holy Spirit and guide you by His Spirit.
May Jesus bless you.

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2 Responses to Why the Bible IS NOT the Word of God

  1. paul t says:

    It is very similar to what I think and struggle with. The only thing is that where is the “criteria” as to what is truth. You know according to “your revelations” (just an example) you may say “this” and according to mine it is different. What to do now? Shall we just agree to disagree or what? There always should be theological basis, otherwise it is just religious “anarchy”.

  2. Friend, the important thing is to be pleasing to Jesus. All that matters is our relationship with Him. What other people think does not matter. They will however see from our works, that we are children of God. If we truly love Jesus and follow Him, we will be like Him.

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