Divine Council – Word from the Holy Spirit

I want to share with you a word that I received from the Holy Spirit: August 27th 2011. I wrote it down and I read it:

Divine council – every disciple needs divine council, not self study and self education, neither the council of men. Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to comfort and guide His children but they prefer the council of others. They ignore the Holy Spirit and do not trust Him.

Many say you must make sure that you are listening to the right Jesus – they prefer their own council. They do not trust the Holy Spirit. They grieve the Holy Spirit. They are in darkness and they don’t even know it. They ask the opinions of men and listen to councilors of their choice. They search for answers in the scriptures but they do not as  the scriptures tell them to do. They are forever learning but never come to the truth because they refuse to trust the Holy Spirit. They are ignorant of the will of God because they refuse the council of God.

They will die in their ignorance if they do not repent and seek Me. Many will perish because they listened to men and refused My council – they would not follow My guidance and do My will.

Set aside your many councilors, repent and seek Me. Ask Me and I will guide you. I will reveal to you what is to come. Be not wise in your own eyes. Trust Me. Wait on Me diligently – seek Me every day. Do not doubt Me, then I will leave you to your own devices. Ask of Me and I will teach you, I will guide you every step of the way. Set yourself aside for My

Kingdom, willingly seek to serve Me and I will share My secrets with you. Do not be foolish but come to Me and follow Me so that you can have life abundantly.

May Jesus bless you

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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