Prophecy: Judgment in the house of God – Received February 09, 2010

Prophecy: Judgment in the house of God – Received February
09, 2010

am the Living Jesus. I live in the hearts of My disciples to reveal Myself to
them mightily. Those who trust Me and believe Me will hear My voice and receive
constant revelation. Those who disobey Me will not get to know Me. I reveal
Myself to those who seek Me with a pure heart to do My pleasure.

who arrogantly seek their own glory will be in darkness. They will see no light
, nor receive revelation. Those who constantly seek Me will have great peace. I
hear before they call.

who despise Me will be forced to eat their own vomit, their own words will turn
on them. They are wise in their own eyes but they do not realize that My grace
has kept them. I will punish their arrogance.

will seek Me when their councilors stumble and fall, when I remove their
securities and force them to beg from the hand that they rebelled against.

that day they will know that I am God and I control all things. They thought they
had got fat on their own but they failed to realize that I sustained them. They
bit the hand that fed them.

to the arrogant lazy Christians who lived off the fat of the land. The axe is
already laying at the root of the tree to reap the unfruitful generation. I
will punish them, their unrepentant heart will be darkened.

has started at My house, with those who boast by My Name, yet they do not know
Me. They will be shamed as they shamed Me. They will beg from those whom they despised
because they would not bow their knee before Me. I will visit My house with the
scourge to purify from it the hypocrites. I will separate sheep from sheep.

who go by My Name will be holy. They ask: “Now where is the Word of the Lord?”
I kept silent in my mercy while I gave them time to repent but instead of
repent their arrogance grew. I will no longer be silent, but to them I will not
speak. To them it will be a day of darkness and anguish. Instead of humbling
themselves they challenged Me. Woe to them who hardened their backs to Me, a
stiff necked generation. Their children will open their hearts and honor Me,
those who were not defiled by the arrogance of the wicked generation.

sheep will be fed at My hand. I will tend them after I have scattered the
wicked shepherds who cared for themselves. I will guide My sheep and they will
listen to My voice. They will find rest in Me and great peace will be on them.
I will call them by name and they will answer.

peace for the godless who called themselves by My Name. No peace!

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