Satan uses the Bible

devil uses the scriptures to deceive people. When he tempted Jesus he also
quoted scripture.  Many people are deceived
by the application of the Bible scriptures. The only way to prevent being
deceived is to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Christians who have backslidden believe that Jesus will not accept them back if
they repent. Many believe they have sinned against the Holy Spirit and now they
have given up. They have believed the lies of the devil because he quoted them
some scripture.

people are deceived into thinking that they have salvation, based on the scriptures.  They were told that you only need to believe
in Jesus and they were given a few scriptures, which they believe, but they
never got into a relationship with Jesus. They do not know Jesus, neither does He
know them.

use scripture to enslave people into supporting the church and submitting to
the church leadership. They are deceived by the wolves because they are
listening to people.

Christ Himself is the answer. If we need wisdom we must pray and ask Him. Jesus
is God almighty, all power and all authority belongs to Him. It is not the will
of God that any one perish but that all repent, obey Jesus and have eternal

are no answers in the Bible. The Bible testifies of the answer, Jesus
Christ.  Jesus is the answer. His sheep
know His voice and they listen to Him. They go to Him for answers. True wisdom
only comes from Jesus.

your problem, big or small, go to Jesus. Pray, trust and wait, He will answer
you. Don’t listen to the devil, search the scriptures or listen to people. Go
to Jesus and He will tell you the truth. Never give up going to Jesus. Without Him
we can do nothing and without Him we will not enter the kingdom of heaven. We
must follow Jesus one day at a time, one step at a time right to th every end.

Jesus bless you.

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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  1. Fran Hengki says:

    yes’ you are right sir….i like this article thank so much for to shared this article.GBU

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