Witchcraft in the church

true church is the body of Christ, the temple of the Holy Spirit which consists
of living bricks, disciples of Jesus Christ, operating under the guidance of the
Holy Spirit. The institutional church is an organization consisting of members
who support the doctrines and objectives of the organization. The organization
appoints leadership according to its own requirements. The institutional church
is not part of the true church, the body of Christ.

members of the institutional church may be true disciples of Jesus Christ. I
will forthwith refer to the institutional church as the “church”. Most
ministries are also “church”. The main objective of “church” is to ensure
growth in membership and income to support the livelihood of the institution
and it’s leadership.

“church” uses spiritual and scriptural witchcraft to cast spells over
believers, to  make them slaves of “church”
and the leadership. Members are deceived into believing that the “church” has
redeeming powers and offers them eternal salvation. This deception is supported
with the Bible and often through “prophecy”.

scriptures are those relating to money and attendance. Members are compelled to
tithe, 10% of their income and also to “sow” money into the “kingdom”. Many
promise that God will multiply the seed in prosperity to those who sow the seed.
The only ones who benefit are the robbers that run the “church”. Micah 3:5
talks about these:

Thus says the LORD concerning the prophets
who lead my people astray; When they have
 something to bite with their
teeth, They cry, “Peace,” But against him who puts nothing in their mouths they
declare holy war.”

Amongst these are the prosperity preachers
who tell you God wants to make you rich. Jesus came to destroy the works of the
devil, deliver us from the bondage of sin so we can live holy and be children
of God. He did not come to make us rich.

 Other more spiritual “churches” use “prophecy”
as well to manipulate and control those whom they ensnare. They quote
scriptures relating to curses from God on those who do not follow the appointed
“anointed” leadership. They also announce curses on those who oppose them.
Their captives live in continuous fear of the leadership who make them believe
that they are the direct oracles of God.  They are witches and sorcerers, demons posing
as angels of light.

 Some of the “spiritual churches” propose
certain exclusive excellencies , like the Hebrew names of Jesus, the Sabbath
and spiritual revelations. These do not bring people closer to Jesus but rather
serve as unfruitful distractions away from obedience to Christ.

 All “churches” have one thing in common –
they do not bring people closer to Jesus. They cast spells over people and
control them for their own benefit. People believe they are saved because they
belong to a “church”, pay their dues to the church and attend the “spiritistic séance.”
 They worship at “church” but they live
like everybody else. They are still sinners because all those who belong to “church”
are sinners, they have not been delivered by Jesus, they never repented of sin.
The “church” is an instrument of satan. It does not bring people to repentance
from sin and into a relationship with Jesus.

 The body of Christ, the true church does
not have hours of service but are indwelled by His Spirit, focused on the
Master, always listening to the Shepherd’s voice. The true church is in
constant fellowship with the Head, Jesus Christ, and has daily fellowship with
other members of the body of Christ. They do not wait for an occasion but come
together under the guidance of  the Holy
Spirit. They do not tithe to the “church” but provide in the needs of the
saints, other members of the body, they also care for the widows and orphans. They
love each other with the love of Christ and demonstrate it through their

 Do you belong to a “church” or to the body
of Christ?

It is not a sin to belong to a “church” but
it does not bring you closer to Jesus. It is a distraction that can cost you
eternity. Either you are a disciple of Christ and part of His Body or you are a
deceived man pleaser.

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