Intellectual ignorance vs Spiritual darkness

A lack of knowledge can always be corrected through studies, research, training
or schooling. An increase in knowledge only serves to improve the intellect but
does nothing for the spirit. Spiritual darkness can only be cured through
obedience to Jesus Christ.

Many people are well schooled in the Bible and doctrine but have no knowledge of God.
They are merely religious scholars with a pretense of godliness but they have
denied the power of the cross of Christ. They have become scholars and hearers
of the truth but because they disobey Christ they are deceiving themselves into
thinking that they have salvation. It is to many of these that Jesus will say
one day: Go away I never knew you.

The only way to get to know Jesus and be spiritually enlightened is through
obedience to His words as recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John. It is only when we obey Christ
that we are tested and tried and rejected by the world. That is the sifting process
where the majority of believers are eliminated. They either debate the words of
Christ and seek a way to justify their disobedience or they reject it as not practical.
They maintain that they are sinners, while Jesus commanded that we sin no more.
They remain in spiritual darkness. They are disobedient sinners.

Those who persist in obedience to Christ grow in faith and knowledge of Christ. Jesus
Himself lights their way because they consistently seek His guidance and obey Him.
They, are the true sons of God.

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