Church is a dangerous game

play games. They entertain people instead of leading them to a relationship
with Jesus. Church attendance does not bring us closer to God. There is only
one thing that will matter when we stand before the throne of God: Does Jesus
know me?

real church is the body of Christ. Those who belong to Christ and live in a
constant relationship with Jesus are part of the real church. They worship Him
day and night and never let up on their devotion to Jesus. They are constantly
in prayer seeking His will and listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit in
their hearts.

organizations are a diversion, captivating souls unto service to the
organization. The wolves in the pulpit rob the poor sheep in the pews and
exploit them to their own advantage. They are hired hands, serving the
organization and ruling over the flock, promising them a salvation of which
they themselves have no part – they are fakes, cheats and liars, extortionists.

Himself is the good Shepherd, His sheep know His voice and they follow Him. He
Himself appoints servants to care for His sheep, to feed them and put them to
pasture. His sheep know His voice and they listen to Him, they will not follow a
stranger. They will run away from the strangers because they do not recognize
his voice. Few there are, who know His voice.

up and discern: Do you know the voice of the Shepherd and follow Him or are you
happy to be entertained by the wolves?

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10 Responses to Church is a dangerous game

  1. Vera says:

    Oh, so glad, to read these words, because they are so true. For many years now I have not found spiritual fellowship with any who call themselves a ‘pastor’, or ‘preacher’ , or ‘teacher’. I have been going through a struggle in recent months, because I have realized that my husband didn’t believe the things that I was trying to tell him, for so many years, but now since I have found several resources like yours, it is speaking to him, and he is finally understanding some very important things.

  2. Francisco says:

    "Pure And Undefiled Religion""Pure religion and undefiled before G-D The Father is this, to visit the fatherless (those children who know not their Father, HE WHO is The Only True G-D, Father{Creator} of ALL) and widows(those who have not "experienced The Messiah and The Power{Our Father} that raised Him from among the dead") in their affliction and to keep oneself uncontaminated by the world……." (James 1:27)Simply, all other religion is impure and defiled……. And notice that "pure and undefiled" religion is "oneself(individual)", a Brother or Sister doing The Will of Our Father, led of The Holy, Set Apart, Spirit……. Simply, corporate "religion" is pagan and of this wicked world……. And "Brothers and Sisters" is not "religion", for what are Brothers and Sisters if not Family? Would not The Family of The Only True G-D, Father(Creator) of ALL, "The Body of The Messiah", be much closer than a natural, fleshly family?And so it is that most of those who have chosen to follow The Messiah on The Narrow Way have had to "forsake their natural father, mother, brothers, sisters" and all others who will not follow The Messiah, because they "love this wicked world and their own life in and of it"……. The Brethren of The Messiah have "forsaken all for The Kingdom of Heaven’s sake"……. Father Help! and HE does…….What is declared to be "religion" today is truly the devil’s playground……. Simply, Faith will not create a system of religion……. Hope is there would be those who take heed unto The Call of The Only True G-D to "Come Out of her, MY people"!For they will "Come Out" of this wicked world(babylon) and it’s systems of religion, and enter into "the glorious Liberty of The Children of The Only True G-D".And so it is that they will no longer be of those who are destroying the earth(land, air, water, vegetation, creatures)" and perverting that which is Spirit(Light, Truth, Life, Love, Peace, Hope, Faith, Mercy, Grace, Miracles, etc.)…….Peace, in spite of the dis-ease(no-peace) that is of this world and it’s systems of religion, for "the WHOLE(not just a portion) world is under the control of the evil one" (1John5:19) indeed and Truth…….Truth is never ending……. francis

  3. Mishael says:

    Good afternoon finalcall, so how are we to fellowship with brothers and sisters?

  4. Mishael says:

    what about 10 percent tihte of our total income

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