Beyond Repentance

kingdom of God, first preached by John the Baptist, thereafter by Jesus and the
disciples involves much more than just salvation and repentance from dead
works. The vast majority of Christians never progress beyond accepting Jesus as
their Savior. They have been deceived into believing that the road already ends
at the start. Very few ever find the Narrow Gate and enter into the Kingdom of

day preaching seldom goes beyond repentance from sin. Emphasis is on salvation
and the promise of eternal life, a cheap insurance package against eternity in
hell. That falls way short of Jesus’ call for discipleship.

calls us to deny ourselves, pick up our cross daily and follow Him. The
disciples followed Jesus for three and half years that He taught them His ways.
Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to guide them after He ascended to heaven. The
Holy Spirit was given on the day of Pentecost. The promise was for all who
would believe in Jesus. (Acts 2:38)

believers are called to discipleship, to be servants in the Kingdom of God.
When we believe in Jesus we accept Him as Lord and invite Him into our hearts.
We turn away from sin and give up our own plans, dedicate our lives to Jesus. The
Holy Spirit will guide us into righteousness and obedience to Jesus. The Holy
Spirit lives in our hearts, that soft voice, that speaks to us urging us to do
what pleases Jesus. We need to constantly obey, and seek Jesus in prayer.

Holy Spirit will teach us as Jesus taught the disciples. Once we have learned
obedience the Holy Spirit will guide us into fruitful works. Jesus Himself is
the Head of the body of Christ, His kingdom. His disciples are members of the
Body and they are guided by the Holy Spirit to do the works of the Body of
Christ. Those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God
(Romans 8:12).

few believers progress to the stage where they become sons of God. The majority
never get into a relationship with Jesus. They become involved in church
activities or turn away and go back to their former lifestyles. Sadly, very few
will enter the Kingdom of heaven because the never really got to know Jesus. He
will say to many in that day: Go away, I never knew you.

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16 Responses to Beyond Repentance

  1. Michael says:

    A relationship with Christ moves away from being saved from and becomes being saved unto. The church focuses so strongly on escaping hell, but seldom do they focus on occupying until He comes. There are many wicked servants who will lose it all because they know our lord is severe in His judgments but they do not press into knowing His heart. Many will seek His hands to get what their fleshly appetites want, but they do not approach the cross and make every excuse fathomable to avoid the shame of His cross.He is looking for a church that is crucified with Him so that it will be fit to reign with Him. That is the church that knows the heart of Father. That is the church He knows the one that bears much fruit which is His will. All creation groans anticipating the manifestation of this His church. Glory be to God we are close to seeing these manifest…

  2. charlotte says:

    i think you are right in what you are saying do you read the bible

  3. Michael says:

    I do read the Bible if you are asking me. I know brother Jan does from what I have seen so far.

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