In His Presence

Many Christians find it difficult to spend time in prayer. They run out of words and thoughts and don’t know what to pray. What they do not realize is that we are in the presence of God every moment of our lives. Nothing is hidden from His sight ever. God knows everything, even the intentions of our hearts. He knows our thoughts, our worries, fears and all our emotions.

For a Christian, Jesus Christ is Lord, King, Master of every moment of his life. Every thought is shared with Jesus and every moment is lived for Jesus. No decision is taken without first referring it to Jesus for His guidance. A born again Christian lives only for Jesus, not for himself or for sin. He has no pleasure in the world or the things of the world. Since the moment Jesus came into your heart you only have one desire, to please Jesus.

If you do not any desire to be with Jesus , or to pray, there is something seriously wrong with your relationship with Jesus. Only those who love Jesus and want to be with Him, will enter His kingdom. If you never loved Jesus that much that you wanted to be with Him every moment, then you have never met Him. If you did once love him that much but your feelings have disappeared you need to repent, plead for forgiveness, ask Jesus to remove the stone heart in you and replace it with His love.

The only way that we get to know Jesus is through a constant relationship, making ourselves aware of His presence every moment. Make time to be alone with Jesus. Remove all sources of interruption, switch of the cell phone and TV. (A Christian should not own a TV) A good time is at night, when everybody is asleep. Get up and be alone with Jesus. Wait on Him silently. He will speak to you, into your heart. Spend time in His presence as though you were in His mighty presence before His throne. He will reveal Himself to you.

If you don’t have a desire to be with Him now, you never will. You will come to the end of your life and Jesus will say to you: Go away, I never knew you. Make time now, seek Him with all your heart. Get to know Him before it is forever too late. Spend time in His presence every day.

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3 Responses to In His Presence

  1. Leo says:

    Hello in Christ:You are so right about the Churches of today. Most individuals who are attending a Church do it because of Tradition. Probably because they were raised in a specific Church as I was and is the only reason they are continuing to go. As you stated, that is very dangerous to ones Spiritual life.In Christ, Leo:

  2. Paul says:

    Hello Sir ,I have been listening to your youtubes for sometime now , I my self came out of the church back in 2007 . God opened my eyes to see the controle the church had over its flock. I dont believe in ones saved always saved, I also dont believe there is anything I can do to work my way to heaven. But my beliefe is is that I cant change my bad habbits only God can. I find as time goes on I dont do the same bad habbits as much as I use to. I one time I would drink a six pack a beer every other day when I didnt no Jesus. But when I came to Jesus I ended up drinking less. I went from drinking a lot to drinking less. eight years ago as a christain I use to drink a six pack every two weeks , now eight years latter im drinking beer like three cans a month. Its like I didnt change my self God showed me the dumbness in over drinking. But all the credit goes to Gods wisdom, I feel its like that in everything we do, Us humans take a good thing and we abuse it. Food is good , but over eating is wrong . beer is good but there is a thing call moderation. Money is good but its a tool God uses to meet are needs if its needed. When we over do somthing it becomes and idol. I feel a moderation spirit is the what God is trying to get across in his word. We can go threw life never drinking never looking at a women more then five seconds , and we can still never get what God is trying to get threw to us. Trying to winn souls to christ seems to be the same thing, God always sets up a situation for you can witness to a person that he is trying to reach. I find if I try to tell some one about Jesus that god never sent me to , The person seems to not cair and god dont seem to cair because he never set up the position for me to witness. Im just writting this not to say im right , But more to let you know this is how I see it, Its all God doing using us not so much are own strength and are own will power.

  3. Valentin says:

    hello ,,, wher are you from ,mr john?

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