The scripture hurdle

What should be of benefit to Christians has become a barrier between them and God. The scriptures were inspired by the Holy Spirit to lead believers to Jesus Christ. Instead, the Bible has become the object of worship.

 Jesus Christ is Lord. He is the beginning and the end, the final judge of the living and the dead. God sent the Holy Spirit, to dwell in those who believe, to guide them and prepare them for judgment day so they can avoid condemnation. Instead of following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, they choose to read the scriptures. This is blatant disregard and rejection of the Savior Himself.

 Are the scriptures wrong? No certainly not, but Christians refuse to get to know the Master Himself. Jesus gives His Holy Spirit in the heart of every believer, to guide them into righteousness and fruitfulness. Believers rather occupy themselves with reading the scriptures and other media than to focus on the voice of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

 The Spirit of Truth will guide us into everything that Jesus requires of us, if we would listen. The majority of believers never spend time waiting on Jesus, listening to the Holy Spirit. They are spiritually dead. They have some scripture knowledge in their heads but no revelation of Jesus in their hearts. They do not know Jesus.

 Once you get tuned in to the Holy Spirit you hear His voice all day. You also learn that the Holy Spirit does not only know the Bible but, Jesus in me, knows everything. I just need to ask Him and He will give me wisdom and guidance in every aspect of natural and spiritual life.

 Are you guided by the Holy Spirit? Do you know the Shepherds voice?

” For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God.
” Romans 8:14.

 Are you a son of God?

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  1. Sandy says:

    How do you recommend focusing on the Holy Spirit? Seeking God in prayer?

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