No fire insurance – God is not mocked

There are many people who think that they can just believe
in Jesus, be saved and have eternal life while they carry on living sinfully.
God is not mocked. Without holiness nobody shall see God.

 There is no such thing as fire insurance: quickly accepting
Jesus and now you will not go to hell. God is not a fool. He knows the
intensions of our hearts. If we keep on refusing Him when we do have the
opportunity to follow Jesus, the day will come that we seek Him but He does not
answer us. We must be serious and make use of our opportunities while we can.

 Jesus calls us to be part of His kingdom. When we repent of
sin and are accepted by Jesus, He forgives our sins and justifies us but we
need to be changed into His likeness. We must become sons of God who do the
will of God. We must become an active part of the body of Christ, guided by the
Head, Jesus, through the nerve system, the Holy Spirit.

 The majority of believers fall away. Many are called but few
are chosen. Very few will make it through the narrow door into heaven.

 Holiness does not come in one day. We become holy through a
relationship with Jesus Christ. A relationship is built through obedience to
the Holy Spirit, which He puts in us if we meet Him. Many people have never met
Jesus and do not have the Holy Spirit. They become Bible scholars and are
indoctrinated into church but never get into a relationship with Jesus.

 For most people there will not be
an opportunity for a last minute repentance and most certainly there is no such
thing as a fire insurance to keep you out of hell. If you do not have a daily
relationship with Jesus you will not enter heaven. You must live under guidance
of the Holy spirit, constantly repenting if you do something wrong. The wages
of sin is death. No sin will go into heaven. He will say to many people: ”Go
away I never knew you.”

 Always be ready, you do not know
when you will die, which could be any moment. If Jesus does not know you, you
will go into eternal hell.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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