TV kills Christians

 There is only one thing that makes you a Christians and that
is your relationship with Jesus Christ. Anything that interferes with your
relationship with Jesus destroys you and causes spiritual death. TV captivates
the minds of people and diverts them from reality.  Many believers will be sadly disappointed, when Jesus will say to
them: “Go away, I never knew you.” They never had a relationship with Jesus.

 Our minds determine our actions. We need to guard our minds
against wrong influences. Whatever we absorb through our senses determine our
way of thinking. Just think how easily a 20 second commercial gets stuck in
your mind if you hear and see it a few times.

People are continuously desensitized against sin, blasphemy,
curse words, sexual immorality, violence, adultery, homosexuality, abortion,
lust, all the things that God hates.

 Being in a relationship with Jesus requires a pure heart,
sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is unavoidable for a Christian
who goes out in the world every day to be challenged by temptations. A person
who watches TV willfully clogs his mind with impurity.

 God is invisible. We cannot sense God with out senses, only
in our spirit. If we allow our senses to rule our spirit suffers. The Holy Spirit
speaks into our spirit. Those who are guided by the Spirit of God, they are the
children of God. So, if we are compelled by lust and our fleshly mind we are
separated from God.

 God does not force Himself on us. We must willfully follow
Jesus and seek His guidance. If we do not cultivate our relationship with Jesus
it dies. Our mind must be pure, clean and receptive for the Holy Spirit. If
your mind is clogged up with TV trash and God gives you a vision or a dream,
you are not able to distinguish whether it came from God or from Hollywood.
That is why TV addicted Christians are spiritually dead. You cannot clog your
mind with trash and also be receptive for the Holy Spirit.

 Anyone who is serious with Jesus and wants to maintain His
relationship with Jesus must totally avoid TV. TV renders a person totally
useless for the kingdom of God. It is impossible to allow your mind to be
captured by TV and be guided by the Holy Spirit.

 There is only one way to please Jesus and that is to
constantly focus on Him and be guided by His Spirit. He will not beg us nor
argue with us. In the end most Christians will end up in hell after believing
they were saved. They never had a relationship with Jesus, never were truly His
body, guided by His Spirit.  He will
say: Go away, I never knew you. They sold their souls to the TV. Satan sucked
them in through the flat screen idol.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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