Works based salvation deception

 Salvation comes through believing in Jesus Christ and not
through performing the works of the Law of Moses. We are justified through
faith in Jesus who forgives our past sins and cleanses us of all iniquity when
we repent of sin and believe in Him. However, misleading teachings have crept
into apostate churches.

 These people have reduced the grace of Jesus Christ to a
license to sin. They teach that we are all sinners and remain sinners even
after we have come to Jesus. That is a lie.

 Repentance produces fruit of righteousness. A person who has
met Jesus Christ is a new creation. Old things have passed away, new things
have come. Those who follow Christ have no interest in the world or the things
of the world. Neither are they conformed to the world. They sin no more.

 The wages of sin is death, The soul that sins will die. If a
believer would continue in sin he is denying Jesus who died for him and he has
made Jesus to an open shame. A believer who continues in sin will be judged
along with those who never knew Jesus.

 No sin will be allowed in heaven. A person who
continues in sin is a slave of sin and has no relationship with Jesus.
Righteousness and obedience to Jesus Christ are the trade marks of a Christian.
Faith without works of righteousness and compassion is dead. Those who do not
bear those fruit are not children of God. They are children of the devil.
Without holiness, nobody shall see God.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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