Preachers from hell

Christian seminaries and Bible Schools have produced a
generation of preachers that are preaching people straight into hell. The fruit
of their deceptive work is evident from the vast number of believers who firmly
believe that they are saved but they have produced no fruit of repentance.

 The wages of sin is death. There is no exception. God hates
sin. Without holiness nobody shall see God. Jesus came to destroy the works of
the devil and to set us free from sin. The soul that sins will die, eternally
in hell.

 There is only one gospel, the Kingdom of God: Jesus Christ
is Lord. Serve Jesus as Lord and Master or perish in hell. Repent of sin, which
means to stop sinning altogether, plead forgiveness from Jesus. Invite Jesus
into your heart as Lord and Master. Be baptized in water for the remission of
your sins and you will be saved if you obey Him until the end.

 Those who are in Christ are new creatures. They are
delivered from sin and wickedness. Their hearts have been cleansed through
faith in Jesus. They sin no more but serve Jesus in righteousness every day of
their lives. They are holy people filled with the Holy Spirit who have no
interest in the things of the world, TV, sports, fashion, acceptance of man and
pleasures of the world. They only have one objective, to serve Jesus and be in
a constant relationship with Him. You cannot love the world and love Jesus.

 Run from preachers who do not bring you under the fear
of God and a relationship with Jesus. Run from preachers who do not baptize you
for repentance of sin. Run from worldly preachers who say we are all sinners
till we die.  They are preachers from

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