Truth from Romania

(I received this wonderful message form a brother in Romania and post it unedited)
 Religion is one of satan’s Tools.Do not be deceived.
Going to a church,following a religion or just trusting God without obeying HIm,or reading the Bible again WILL NOT SAVE US.
What will save us is a Personal Relation with Jesus Christ.
IF wou have never heard of HIm read HIs words from the Bible in Matthew,Mark,Luke,John,and obey His words 100%.
Get Jesus inside You (go on you knees and ask Him to forgive your sins,confess with your mouth speaking loud and clear like you speak with another person,He is ALive,
let Him clean your sins and Repent,stop sinning again) and listen to the HOly Spirit and be guided every step in Jesus
==>doing this,you will be able to be borned again with a new heart in Christ.
We have to be borned again to enter the Kingdom of God.
The Bible has no power.The Bible CAN’T get you to Heaven.It Shows you the Way but you have to walk the lonely,narrow,path with Jesus Christ.
The Bible has the Words of Jesus but it will not save you reading about HIm or knowing about HIm.
A PERSONAL RELATION with JESUS WILL SAVE YOU,Guided by the Spirit of Truth,The Holy Spirit and Obedicence to God.You Walk With Christ.
Follow HIm in every step you make and get filled with the Holy Spirit and listen to His soft voice inside you.
He is alive,He Talks to you if you wan’t HIm to.But you have to break the barrier of sins between you and GOd.He does Not Tolerate ONE SIN.
If you have read the Bible,stop reading it again,stop studying it use that precious time and get to know Jesus,increase in a relation-ship with Him.Talk to HIm every moment ,focus on HIm.
That is why people do not know God,because they do not spend precious time with HIm.
When you listen to music for example try to focus on Him if the song has a bad message you know what to do with it.
Quit watching t.v.,movies,you can use that Precious Time to know Jesus,He is a Jealous God He loves you He does not wan’t you to be separated from Him.
He will reveal HImself to you.He will speak to you but you have to stop sinning.,you have to break the wall between you and God.
"My sheep HEARS my Voice" if you did not hear HIm If you do not get messages from HIm you are stuck my friend.
If you are truly borned again,your mouth CAN’T stop talking about Jesus CHrsit,your hands can’t stop working for HIm and your legs can’t stop running for HIm.
If you have a new heart in Christ you will not be a part of this world you will hate sin,you will not feel comfortable near sin,you will not fiind any pleasure in this world.
Most of "bible believing christians" say that you can’t stop sinning.They can’t because they do not have Jesus inside them,they are not borned again.
Not ONE Sin will enter Heaven.You have to be pure white,blameless.This is the Purpose of Jesus to Clean you out and to Follow Him and you will be Saved,obeying 100%.
Quit your own desires,quit your pleasures ALL of Them,surrender your life to Jesus Christ.
I encourage you brothers and sisters to Repent,Now is the Time RIght Now,the Door is Closing.
Spread this message it will save souls,maybe it is not coincidence that you received this message,maybe a friend or yours needs it.

I used to be a big sinner and a simple "bible believing christian" and i thought that i will be saved.Being a TruthSeeker i digged for truth and found out that
everything i said in this message will help you Hear the Lord’s Voice.

You have been forewarned with prophecy (God’s communication with man), and it’s YOUR FREE WILL to deny God. Peace
Jesus Bless You.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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1 Response to Truth from Romania

  1. Pastor K.W. says:

    I to am a servant of God. What is happening today I agree. It it a stinch in the nostrils of God brother. We must sound out the cry of a Watchman ? Ezekiel 33:6-9 Praying for you and asking you to Pray for me also ? I have came out of the HARLOT CHURCH about 6 years ago. And it is strengthening to me to see more are awaking from this dead worship…….

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