The cross of Jesus Christ brings extreme resentment with
most people, with all of us, because it cuts into us. That is why very few are
willing to take up that cross and follow Jesus Christ. He says: if you wish to
follow Me, you must deny yourself pick up your cross and follow Me. That means
deny yourself, you die to yourself, you stop sinning you stop living your own
life, you die to self so that you can live for Christ. You don’t follow your
own mind anymore you need to acquire the mind of Christ, you need to follow
Jesus Christ. That’s why you’ve got to repent, you’ve got to repent of yourself
of sin in the first place and of yourself and lay down yourself. Submit
yourself to Jesus Christ you’ve got to die. That’s why you have to be baptized,
you go down into the water, you die, you come out you, are a new man in Christ
who is going to follow Jesus Christ. You are a son of God who is going to be
led by the Spirit of God.

Many people do not progress with Jesus they are stuck, they
are stuck in the world. They haven’t died to sin, they haven’t died to self.
They are just believers, they are confounded, they just cheating themselves,
they are brainwashed, they think that they are okay because they are going to
church but they don’t follow Jesus, they are not in a relationship with Jesus
Christ. Their whole faith is in vain, because Jesus said Matthew 10:37-38 “He
who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves
son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. 38 “And he who does not
take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. 39 “He who has
found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find

 Does Jesus want you to die? Maybe, because if you still love
your life you cannot go after Him. But He wants you to live for Him, He wants
His Spirit to work through you, you are the Body of Christ He wants to operate
through you. If you are not available for His Holy Spirit to use you, if you
don’t obey Him so that His Words can speak through your mouth, so that you can
go where He sends you, then you are useless for Him. It is not just about
salvation, it is about following Jesus, being a disciple of Jesus. He says:
come here follow Me, that is what He has called us to. If you are still stuck
on your own things, how can you follow Christ? How can you follow Jesus when
you love your TV, when you love your hobbies, your occupation, your stuff in
the world. How can you follow Jesus? You won’t go. If Jesus says: come here,
you say: I am busy, He is not going to beg you. People are stuck, they are
stuck in the world, stuck in front of the TV, stuck with their friends, they
are stuck with the desires of this world. You cannot follow Jesus, you are not
fit to be a disciple of the Kingdom of God. Jesus said pick up your cross daily
come here and follow Me. He is not begging you. If you don’t want to come that
is fine but you are not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. If you are not willing
to go where He sends you, you are not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. People
don’t want to work for the Kingdom. They say: it’s not salvation by works, you
are saved to work
. If you are not available for the Spirit of God to come
and live in you and Jesus to send you for His purpose. What use are you then?
Self-service, self-gratification, self-glorification, you cannot serve the
Kingdom of God and serve self. You have to deny yourself, people are stuck.
Christians are stuck, pastors are stuck, each has got his own little thing, his
own little church, his own little ministry, he is not available to go where
Jesus is sending him.

 Who is the Judge? Jesus. We can fool each other, we cannot
fool Jesus my friend. It’s between you and Jesus. It’s between me and Jesus. Am
I doing what He is telling me to do or am I pre occupied, am I stuck in these
things down here?

 We read in 1 John 2:15 “Do not love the world nor the things
in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

If you love the world my friend; you love your occupation,
you love your hobbies, you love yourself, you love everything around you, you
love your country, nice places, your country, you are a patriot; you cannot
love God. You’ve got to give up yourself, 
give up your country, give up everything, be willing to give it up. If
you are not willing to give it up you will not go when Jesus sends you and you
are not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. You’ve got to deny yourself, pick up
your cross daily and follow Jesus. People are not even willing to live
righteously. They are defending their sin, 99% of churches today say: We are
all sinners. You are right, you are sinners, you are not fit for the Kingdom of
Heaven. If you are not even willing to follow Him you are not worthy to enter
His Kingdom. God will give you the best. God’s plan is the best plan. God is
Mighty, Gods plan is Mighty, He is King. Jesus is Lord and King and Master. He
is the King of kings the Lord of lords and He has a mighty plan better than our
plans people. His ways are not our ways, His thoughts are not our thoughts. They
are way beyond ours, if we do not forsake our own thoughts, our own mind, our
own occupation, our own self we are not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. And we
will not see the Kingdom of Heaven, we wont enter it. Because Jesus Christ is
victorious. God is Almighty.

If you are not willing to deny yourself, pick up your
cross and follow Him you will never enter in my friend. That door is narrow,
very, very narrow, few will find it. There is only one way. Start meaning
business with Jesus. Say Lord see me as I am, show me as I am. Lord I am coming
to you Lord and now I commit myself, I deny myself and now I don’t want to play
around. I want to follow you Lord. And He says Lo I am with you all the way
right until the end. But if you don’t trust Him and if you are stuck in this
world you will never follow Him my friend and you won’t enter the Kingdom of
Heaven. Get on your knees with Jesus now, now, now go down on your knees, cry
out to Him and say Lord help me, I want to follow you. And then deny yourself,
make up your mind, die to self and follow Jesus or you will not enter the
Kingdom of Heaven.

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