Prophecy: Woe to those who love lies

Prophecy: Woe to those who love lies  Received: July 26 12:55am

Unless you know a person you cannot know how to please him.
There is only one way to know someone – an intimate relationship. The same with
Jesus. You cannot be in a part time relationship with Jesus. He will reveal
Himself you when He pleases.

Jesus is God almighty and you will respect Him. Seek Him
while He might be found.

God is not explained or explored – He reveals himself to
those whom He pleases to. Do not run after people who claim to have seen God.
You will not find Him with others.

Don’t marvel at man, Whatever man can do is temporary. Fix
your sight on Me. To My children I reveal Myself by My tender love. To those
who hate Me, they know Me by My judgments. On them I thunder My indignation.

I will come to them in ways they do not expect and I will
expose their utter weakness and inability to flee from Me. Where shall you hide
from Me and how will you stop My hand? Oh foolish man, your haughty plans will
not protect you in the day of My wrath..

How shall I then speak to you when you refuse to remove your
idols from you and put Me before you? I will strike you while you are
intoxicated with your abominations which you love.

You will seek your false prophets and soothsayers. They will
try to hide from you – they who have sold you out for their own gain.

You loved your sin and sought those who gave you a blessing
while living in iniquity. Woe to you, you children of wickedness who refuse
righteousness. You treasured the wages of wickedness.

You rejected My words but ran after crafty men and women.
Desolation and despair will hit them in a moment. They turned their backs on Me
and ran after their own deceptions.

Your hour of darkness has come. You rejected knowledge when
it came. Like a women in labor your time will come, suddenly, unexpectedly,
irreversibly. Woe to those who love lies, they will perish through lies.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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