Be filled with the Holy Spirit

The most wonderful gift that God sent to those who believe
in Jesus Christ is the gift of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. It is just
phenomenal, it is fantastic. Jesus said to the Samaritan woman: “If you knew
who it was speaking to you, you would ask Him and He would give you living
water that will become in you a stream bubbling up and flowing over into
eternal life.” He was referring to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, which happen
on the day of Pentecost. Before Jesus ascended to heaven He commanded His
disciples to, go to Jerusalem and wait until they received the gift from the
Father, “the Comforter who will guide you into all the truth.”

 They went and they were in prayer in the upper room waiting
on God for this wonderful gift. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit of God
came onto them and they started speaking in other tongues. The Spirit of God
that came into them and over them and they were baptized in the Spirit.  They were changed, they had streams of
living water inside of them. The joy and happiness when a person first finds
Jesus is a foretaste of experience when you receive the baptism in the Holy
Spirit. Jesus wants to baptize you in the Holy Spirit and in power as happened
on the day of Pentecost. Those people were speaking in tongues and magnifying
God. The other people thought that these people were drunk. It was still early
in the morning, about 9 o’clock in the morning, the third hour of the day.

Peter got up and he said: They are not drunk like you think,
this is what the prophet Joel wrote about. That God will pour out His Spirit on
all flesh and your sons and your daughters will prophesy and the old men will
dream dreams. I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh”, which is what God did.
Peter got up Acts 2:38 and he said they must repent be baptized ”and you will
receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Because this promise is for you and
your children and all of those far off whom God the Father will call unto Him.”
And that promise is for you also my friend. It is the infilling of the Holy
Spirit. The Spirit of God comes and dwells in you and indwells you with power.
And that is what is missing in the church today. The church today is on the
physical level. When you speak in tongues you speak mysteries to God which you
don’t understand and neither does the devil understand it. But the Spirit of
God indwelling you knows what God wants and what you need and while you are
speaking in tongues you are praying to God according to the will of God because
the Spirit of God indwells you.

 Satan is trying to shut everybody up, just don’t speak in
tongues, just be quiet. He knows it he can shut people up then he has won the

 No my friends, you must have the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
You must ask it from Jesus but you must obey Him. He says repent and be
baptized and you will receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. And then Jesus
said you will receive power, which they did. After that they went out in the
power of the Holy Spirit. And that is why the church does not have power today.
It has Television,  no real vision. When
the Holy Spirit comes into you my friend you get vision. You get the Spirit of
God flowing and overflowing you and the fear leaves you. And when you don’t
feel so good you go and pray in tongues. You spend a few hours praying in
tongues and then you just overflow. But satan wants to quench it. Paul said not
to quench the Holy Spirit of God, do not prevent speaking in tongues. They want
to stop it why? Because everybody wants to understand everything it is all on
the level of the intellect. But if you are a child of God you are a spiritual
person and you’ve got the Holy Spirit inside of you, the Spirit of God flows
through you. The more you pray in tongues the more the Holy Spirit of God flows
through you, and the power of God starts working through you.

 If  you want the
power of God ,then obey Jesus Christ my friend. Repent of your sins go on your
knees, right down on your knees. Submit your life to Christ say: Lord I am a
sinner and empty yourself out get out all of that rubbish that is in you, all
of your sins, all of yourself. Empty yourself. Say” Lord I need You, please
come fill me and fill me in with Your Holy Spirit. Then you won’t have a
problem with lust, or the desires of the flesh because you will be full of God.
The reason why people don’t have Jesus inside of them it is because they don’t’
want the Holy Spirit. My friend, if you want victory, the power of God in your
life to overcome everything, get the Holy Spirit of God. These people that say
you can’t stop sinning; you cannot my friend it is impossible, because you got
your own spirit and the spirit of the devil in you. You need the Holy Spirit in
you. If you get the Holy Spirit in you my friend you will overcome. Then
nothing is a problem, then you say as Paul said: I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me! If you are not an overcomer it is because if you
have not got the Overcoming Spirit in you, you will not overcome my friend. Ask
Jesus for His Holy Spirit to come into you then you can pray in the Spirit. You
can pray in tongues for hours on end and the Spirit of God will flow through
you. It will permeate you through and through, streams of living water will
come forth from you.

Ask Jesus for the Holy Spirit today, today. Repent of
your sins empty yourself and ask God’s Holy Spirit to come into you and He will
reveal Himself in and through you in a mighty way.

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