God’s GPS

We read in John 3 that Nicodemus came to Jesus at night and
Jesus told him that if a person is not born again he cannot see the Kingdom of
Heaven. He also said to him that, that which is born of flesh is flesh and that
which is born of spirit is spirit. So we need to be born again, you probably
heard. We need to be spiritually born so that the Holy Spirit of God can guide
us into all righteousness and in all truth. That is the only way that we will
get into the Kingdom of Heaven. We need to be born again.

God’s technology is way beyond human technology. We have
only just found out about GPS. God’s Holy Spirit is similar to GPS, it’s just
better. God’s GPS is the only GPS that can take us into the Kingdom of Heaven,
without that you will not get there. You won’t get there with a map, the Bible
won’t take you there. There is no map that can take you to Heaven, only Gods
GPS, which is the Holy Spirit. Your destination is in the wilderness. Nobody
knows where it is and nobody know how to get there. The only way you will get
there is through Gods GPS, which is His Holy Spirit that must come and live in
you and guide you into all truth. Forget the maps, forget the other people,
they don’t know where they are going. You cannot follow anybody else. The only
way you will get there is listening and following the instructions of Gods GPS,
the Holy Spirit. If you don’t have Gods GPS, the Holy Spirit you won’t reach
the destination, its totally impossible.

How do you get Gods GPS? There is only one way. You must be
born again. The only way Jesus will give it to you, is when you obey Him. He
says: repent of your sins, get rid of sin. Repent of yourself Jesus says: If
anyone wishes to come after Me let him deny himself, pick up his cross daily
and follow Me. Follow Me, the GPS of God. When Jesus comes into my life, when I
have repented of sin, He puts His Spirit inside of me. But there is a
condition, Jesus said: Repent and be baptized. Many people don’t want to be
baptized. They say it is not necessary, that’s why they don’t have the GPS.
That’s why they don’t have the Holy Spirit of God, they have never been filled
with the Holy Spirit of God. You need the Holy Spirit if you want to get to
your destination, the Spirit of God which was sent to guide us into all truth.
Repent and be baptized and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit Acts
2:38. That is written, as that Peter said to them on the day of Pentecost. On
the day of Pentecost, Gods GPS was given to the Christians. Jesus said: Go to
Jerusalem and wait until you receive POWER, that power is the HOLY SPIRIT.

When Jesus comes and lives inside of you by His Spirit, He
will speak to you. If you do wrong, He will speak to you, He will say: No!
Remember even the best driver will take a wrong turn. What happens with your
GPS if you are driving along and you take the wrong turn? It directs you back
on course. If you don’t listen you will never get to get there. The same with
God’s GPS, the Holy Spirit, inside of us. You need a signal all the time. What
breaks the signal of the Holy Spirit? SIN. You got sin in your life the signal
is broken. Some people think that they can get there on their own they use a
map, they read the Bible, they ask friends, they ask the pastor, they go to a
prophet they pay him he has to direct them. There is only one Way and that is
through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

God gives each of us individually a portion of His Spirit. I
cannot use yours and you cannot use mine. That’s why He says we read in Matthew
25 about the 5 wise and the 5 foolish virgins. Those with the extra oil they
had the GPS of God, the Holy Spirit the others had the maps or friends and
teachings. They didn’t have contact with God, they thought they were okay, they
were far of the mark. When the Bridegroom came, they didn’t have oil in their

How do I maintain that clear contact, that direction of the
Holy Spirit? Through OBEDIENCE. Because Jesus puts His Spirit in my heart but
the moment there is sin in me He says: Your sins and your iniquities made a
barrier between Me and you because My arm is not to short to help, My ear is
not to short to hear but your SINS and your INIQUITIES have formed a wall
between Me and you. Jesus puts His Spirit in us. He won’t take it away, it’s
stays there. But the moment we sin it gets clogged up, you loose that signal of
the Holy Spirit. Many people have lost the signal, maybe you have lost the
signal of the Holy Spirit maybe you never had it.

If you want to get to heaven my friend, you need Gods GPS,
the Holy Spirit, you will not get there without it. You need to repent of sin.
If you have once follow Jesus and you have lost your direction, lost the signal
of the Holy Spirit inside of you, guiding you, repent now. Go on your knees,
say: Lord Jesus I repent! and put everything away from you. Another thing that
clog’s your GPS signal is your TV. Any impurity, anything that is more
important than our relationship with Jesus forms a barrier between us and God
and He stops speaking to us. Our iniquities separate us from God. God gives us
His Spirit living inside of us, continuously speaking. But if we clog up the
signal with sins, disobedience, unwillingness and our own interests we won’t
hear Him. We won’t reach the destination. Only the Holy Spirit in me can guide
me into righteousness, show me the way that Jesus wants to take me, to make me
fruitful in His Kingdom. But if I refuse to follow the directions and if I
follow my own mind or the map I won’t get there my friends.

Do you have God’s GPS? Do you have the Holy Spirit of God
inside of you, do you hear Him or is it clogged up? Is your signal okay? Ifs
not, it is time to make work with it now. Jesus is coming, very few are ready.
Most of the church does not have oil in the lamp. Either they don’t have a GPS
of God or they just don’t have a signal. They are happy to sit around with maps
and friends and they are lost. Clear the air, get it clean between you and
Jesus, get your relationship right. Without a relationship with Christ, He will
say to us: Go away I never knew you.

How is your GPS my friend? Is it working today, are you

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