Testimony Young sister in Chicago

God Bless everyone. First of all i would like to give Honor and Glory
and Thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ because he is awesome. I want to
thank God for sending his one & only son that died on the Cross for
our Sins. Like many others I was once lost without Jesus Christ until
the day I met him in October "08" which has been 9 beautiful months
already. Me & my family came to Chicago in 1994 to have a better
life but I never thought about getting Saved and that one day when
Jesus Christ came into my Heart would be the most Beautiful and Best
day of my life.

I was once a Catholic and now Im the only Christian in my life but by
faith I walk and i know my family will come along one day. Being
baptized as a catholic and had the communion i was raised in a Catholic
Church but never really learned much. I never knew before that there
was Hell and a Devil & Demons all I thought was that when everyone
dies they all go to Heaven with Jesus but thats not it. My family would
just tell me that we the people make ourselves bad which now I know the
truth thanks 2 God. I was once brought by a friend to church in "05" to
try and change my life but i was too stubborn to change so it didnt
work out. Ever since i met my Best Friend Ricky i thank God for him
everyday because he took me out of a bad friendship that i was in the
past & in June of "08" he talked to me about Jesus and he brought
me to Christ, thats when i accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my
savior which was the Best Day of my life that was something beautiful
that has never happened to me before. Jesus has completely changed my
life from darkness into light. Words can’t explain how thankful i am
& how much i love Jesus.

When i was 6 years old my parents separated and that affected me so
since than i never listened or really payed attention to what my
parents had to say and i started to do my own things. I would
disrespect my parents and i start doing bad things. At the age of 7 my
mom wanted to take me & my brother back to Poland but i know that
wasnt in Gods plan so we came back. At the age of 11 i started drinking
& doing more bad things. I would also lie a lot, curse, cheat &
be depressed a lot because people used to love putting my self esteem
down so i would always hate myself. I used to wanted to fit in
everywhere so at the age of 13 i met a couple of "friends" and ever
since than i started living a homosexual life until the age of 19. I
also got into 2 fist fights in H.S. & used to fight a lot with my
brother but now we’re really good siblings.From the age of 16 til the
age of 19 i started clubbing 3/4 times each week and would miss a lot
of school days because of it but thank God i graduated on time. Also i
got 2 tattoos and used to be into piercings which i had 9 piercings

Well as if you see i went through hell and back in my life but now
thanks to God Im living a great & wonderful life in the light full
of Joy Happiness & nothing but smiles everyday all because of Jesus
Christ who changed my life in such a beautiful way that i never thought
it would be possible but with God nothing is impossible. Now i know
about eternity life & i learned so much about Jesus & Im still
learning which i want to be used by Jesus in a beautiful way because i
know he has big plans for me in this life like for everyone else. I
seek my Lord Jesus Christ by following him & obeying him &
walking in Holiness in Spirit & in Truth until the day i meet him
Face to Face. Its a spiritual battle that everyone has to go through
but i know Jesus will never leave me & like i say the one inside of
me is stronger than the one in the World. Its no longer me that lives
but Christ that lives in me so its not about me no more but about him.
He has changed me a lot, the way i speak, the way i dress, the way i
act, of course i still have some things to change but by time i will.
Glory & Honor & Thanks to God Almighty.

Thank you for taking your time on reading my Testimony & how God has changed me From A Sinful person into a Woman of God.

God Bless everyone & may you seek the Lord more and more each &
every single day of your life because he is coming soon for True
Worshipers that love him & obey him & follow him for eternity
everlasting life in Heaven. May the Lord Be with you all.

About Jan Boshoff - finalcall07

A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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