Your Teacher

There is only one way that you get to know Jesus and that is
through a relationship. He said: “Call nobody on this earth your Teacher
because One is your Teacher and that is Christ, Himself.” He is the only One
who can teach you about Himself and the way He does that is through a
relationship. If you are not in a relationship with Jesus you will only get to
know about Him, you will never get to know Him and you need to know Him.

 If you don’t know Jesus you will not enter the Kingdom of
Heaven my friend. There is only one-way and that is to say: “Lord come into my
heart and teach me.” You must invite Him in and you must ask Him to teach you
and He will. He will take you seriously because He loves you and He wants to
make you part of His Kingdom. Jesus is Lord and He is the King of His
Kingdom.  He is inviting us to become
part of that Kingdom, but the only way that you can be part of the Kingdom is
if you serve the King. He calls servants. He does not call managers, or people
that believe in Him. You have to submit yourself to Christ and you must follow
Him. You must invite Jesus into your heart with your whole heart say: “Lord I
want to serve You, Lord I want to be part of Your Kingdom, please teach me, use
me.” If you don’t do that you will never be useful for the Kingdom of God, you
will never be part of it and you are not going to heaven my friend. The only
way is to be guided and to be taught by Jesus Himself. The way you do that is
you start meaning business with Jesus and you start talking to Him, you say:
“Lord show me Your ways, teach me Your ways. Lord I am seeking.”

You and you seek Christ you won’t get to know Him by reading
your Bible my friend You get to know Jesus through a relationship with Him, He
will teach you, He will certainly teach you. If you say: “Lord I need more
faith”  He will teach you faith because
He will make sure that you get into a situation where nothing and nobody can
help you and then He will get you out of it, when you ask Him to help you. And
then after that you will know God helped you, you will have experience of His
helping hand, a testimony. Your testimony is your relationship with Jesus
Christ and that is why many people don’t have a testimony. They call themselves
soul winners, they are not soul winners they are indoctrinators or converters.
You can indoctrinate a person, you can put him into the mould, you can teach a
dog tricks but you cannot change a dog into something else. The only way we are
changed is through a relationship with Christ and that relationship must grow
every day. Jesus is the only One who can teach you.

The only way you will know not to fear is when you go into a
fear situation and you say: “Lord help me!” and He takes you out and you get
confidence. Then you say like David said: “I shall not fear because God is at
my right hand”, why? He was in fear situations and God saw him through. He
cried out to God and God stretched out His hand and He helped him. You don’t
get to know Jesus through reading about Him. We read how God delivered David,
how He delivered all the heroes of the Bible, read it in Hebrews 11 all those
heroes of faith how God delivered them because they believed. But you only
learn through your own experience, you only get to know Christ, His voice, to
trust Him through your relationship with, Him through walking with Him day and
night every moment of your life.

If you walk away then the school stops. But the only
way you get to know Jesus is in that relationship. If you say: “Lord teach me”
you need to wait on Him and expect to see Him and you will start seeing Him.
People say: “I have spoken to God, He does not speak to me” You’ve got to wait,
hang around. He will take you seriously, He loves you He wants to make you fit
for His Kingdom. You say:  “I said to
the Lord: Use me” and nothing is happening. He must teach you first my friend.
If He doesn’t teach you and if you don’t know His voice; how can He use you? He
has to teach you and Jesus Himself will teach you. You’ve got to go wait on the
Lord put your mind and your focus on Jesus and He will teach you. He will teach
you anything that He wants you to know and He will chastise you. If you go
wrong He will chastise you, He will make you sick my friend everything will go
wrong in your life and you will say Lord where are You? He says I am talking to
you why? He hates me, no, He loves me. He says He chastises every child that He
receives read it in Hebrews 12. Because the chastisement of God changes a man,
without chastisement you just remain what you are. You’ve got to feel it my
friend, you’ve got to feel it in your body. Even the Son of God, learned
through what He suffered. And if you walk with Jesus you are going to suffer.
If you don’t suffer you are not walking with Jesus, then you are in this world.
He hast to chastise you He has to mold you. You don’t mould clay without
working it with your hands. And when Jesus starts working you, you are going to
see His fingerprints on you. Then people will say: That is a man or woman of
God, why? God has molded them, He has made them humble, He has made them useful
for His Kingdom. You don’t learn it from teachings and readings and books and
all that rubbish, throw it away. Get into a relationship with Jesus Christ and
He will teach you. Get Jesus inside, start talking to Him and He will teach

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