Do you believe Jesus or in Jesus

Few people who call themselves Christians really believe
Jesus, they believe in Jesus. They believe He is the Son of God, He is the
Savior and if I believe in Jesus I will be saved. Merely believing in Jesus
doesn’t save us my friends, a relationship with Jesus saves us. When Jesus
walked this earth many people believed in Him and even Satan believes in Jesus,
but he does not obey Jesus. And ever so often Jesus said to people: “You do not
believe Me”, they did not believe that He was the Son of God, they did not
believe that He was who He said that He was, when He walked this earth. Even
today people do not believe that Jesus is really Lord and King and Master. They
believe He is the Savior and that is where it stops. If you really belief that
Jesus is Lord that He is King and that He is God Almighty, He is the Judge, you
will do what He says.

 People believe in the Bible yes they read the Bible. If you
tell them they need to be in a relationship with Jesus they ask: ”Which Jesus?“
It is because they don’t know Jesus and they do not believe Jesus, they do not
believe the Words of Jesus. Jesus said: If you love Me, keep My commandments
and I will love you and My Father will love you and I will come and abide with
you and I will reveal Myself to you.” The reason why people do not have a
revelation of Christ is because they don’t know Him. It is just because they
don’t believe Him, they only believe in Him. He has never become a reality in
their lives and that is why when they read the commandments of Jesus, the Words
that Jesus spoke and then say” It’s nice but it is not really practical. How
can you turn the other cheek, how is it possible to do what Jesus said?” Jesus
said My commandments are not difficult, they are easy. He said: ”My yoke is
soft” because Jesus helps you carry that yoke but people do not believe Jesus.
They don’t believe that He is the Judge, they don’t believe that He is the Door
through which we enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Nobody else will allow you
in there my friend because Jesus said: “I will say to many on that day: Go away
I never knew you.” Jesus said man will not live from bread alone but from every
Word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Every Word that Jesus spoke and that
is written, is what  we will live of but
not only that but we will live from revelation from Him. He said; “ I will send
you another Comforter the Holy Spirit who will teach you in all truth and will
show you things to come.” People say: “No it is all written, everything that God
said is written in the Bible” it is because they don’t believe Jesus. They
believe what they can read but they don’t believe Jesus. If you believe Jesus
you will believe what He said.

 He said to the people we read in John 5:39 “ you search
the scriptures
because you think that in them you have eternal
, but you refuse to come to Me to have eternal life.”
People read the scriptures but refuse to have a real relationship with Jesus.
Neither do they obey His words as written in the scriptures.

 He said to the disciples also: Who do you say I am? And then
Peter said to Him: “Thou art the Son of the Living God” and He said: “Simon Bar
Jonah flesh and blood did not reveal that to you but My Father who is in
heaven.” Even the disciples did not believe. 
Philip said to Him: “ Lord show us the Father” and He said: “Philip I
have been with you for so long and how do you not know Me because he who has
seen Me has seen the Father.” Even the disciples had doubt in their minds if He
was really the Son of God.

 The question is: Do you believe IN Jesus or do you believe
Jesus? If you believe Jesus then you will hear Him speaking to you right now
saying to you: “My son, My daughter give Me your heart, let Me come into your
heart.” If Jesus is not in your heart He is still outside. The Bible talks
about Jesus but you need Jesus in your heart, you need a relationship with
Jesus. If you don’t know Jesus, you’ve got a problem. It is no good just
believing in Him, you must have a relationship with Him because that is the only
way you are going to get to know Jesus, through a relationship, not through
your Bible. Take your Bible and put it down one side and then Jesus will reveal
Himself to you. He will explain the Bible to you as well. But people refuse
Jesus they hang onto the scriptures and that’s why they never get to know Jesus
and He will say to them: Go away I never knew you.

 Do you believe in Jesus or do you believe Jesus? Are
you following Jesus? Are you doing what He said or you just believe in Him.
Think about it.

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