You don’t need church.

You don’t need church my friend. Church as we know it in our
current day prevents you from having a relationship with Jesus Christ and takes
you away from Christ rather than takes you to Christ. The church and church
organizations have become a barrier between the believer and Jesus Christ,
which prevents them from getting closer from knowing Him, from being in a daily
close up relationship with Jesus Christ.

The churches themselves are just organizations run by people
who do not themselves have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The reason that
they run the organization is to secure for themselves a position or a job or a
hold on people so that they can have an income, fleece the sheep and look after
themselves. The preachers are hired hands they are not ordained of God. Many
people they called themselves apostles and prophets get a hold on other people,
they influence people and they make people believe that they are the mediators
between God and man, that is not true. There is no mediator between God and
you. You go to Jesus Christ on your own and you speak to Him for yourself.  Church has usurped authority of Christ it is
anti Christ.

The church will tell you that you need sound doctrine and
teaching, that is actually brainwashing. They want to brainwash you into
thinking that you need the church to explain to you how this difficult Bible,
how to understand it. There is nothing difficult about the gospel of Jesus
Christ. It is plain and simple a 5th
grader can read it. All you
need to know are the commandments of Jesus Christ. Jesus said: Go into all the
world preach the gospel to all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the
Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, teaching them to observe all that I have
commanded you.

The commandments of Jesus His Words are in the four gospels
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. A 5th grader can understand that
perfectly well and do it. The disciples of Jesus were not educated people, they
were fishermen, they understood it very well. You don’t need an education to
understand Jesus. You just need to get to know Jesus Christ. Jesus is our
Teacher. He said: Call nobody on this earth your Teacher because One is your
Teacher and that is Christ Himself. If you cannot read it does not matter, you
just need to pray and Jesus will reveal Himself to you and He will guide you
into all Truth. He has put His Holy Spirit into believers, even though they
cannot read. They know what is right and what is wrong. It is written in John
6:45 “And they shall all be taught by God.” God will teach you my friend.
If  you want to know what you need to do
to please Jesus, you ask Him, He will tell you. You don’t need sound doctrine,
you need Jesus Christ and you need the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will guide
you into all Truth, you don’t need the church either.

To be baptized, if you bring somebody to Jesus Christ then
you can baptized him. You don’t need a church to baptize him. It is not the
work or the job of some appointed clergy that went through some school, it is
not reserved by any church to administer the baptism and baptism is not washing
a baby’s head. Baptism is the baptism of forgiveness of sins as preached by
Peter in Acts 2:38-39. We need to get baptized only after we have repented of
sin and we have committed to follow Jesus Christ, then our sin gets washed of,
we get baptized into Christ by faith, by our own confession. Then only are we
baptized, which leads to holy communion.

Holy communion does not belong to the church. Holy communion
or the Lord’s supper is for all those people who have repented of sin accepted
Jesus Christ and have been baptized in water for the forgiveness for their
sins. They have become part of the Body of Christ through being born again of
water and of spirit. And only those people can take communion, because when we
take communion we do it in remembrance of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only those who
are truly born again may take communion not other people. Being member of a
church or having gone through their doctrines and being confirmed by a church does
not make you eligible to use communion. Only a relationship with Jesus Christ
makes you eligible for it, nothing else. So you don’t need a church to
administer that, you need to know Jesus Christ. The Church in the Book of Acts,
the New Testament Church were breaking bread from house to house. That is where
they did their breaking of bread, there was no church that they went to. They
themselves the Body of Christ  were the
Church, is the true Church of God of which Jesus Christ is the Head. It is not
a building or a secular organization.

Churches perform weddings. A wedding is not a Church thing.
A wedding is a union that is governed by the law of the country. If the pastor
or the priest or whomever in a church 
performs a wedding, it is a legal process. They need a license to do
that. He cannot just perform a wedding. All people who are unified are unified
before God, it is not anything reserved to the church. When a man and a woman
gets married, they are unified before God and what God has put together let no
man put asunder whether they are believers or not. God made man and woman and
when they get united, it is before God. There are some people that say that
they have spiritual marriages because their first marriage it was performed in
a court, which is not a marriage before God. My friend you are wrong. Marriage
is before God wherever you get married. Church makes no difference, you get
married before God in any case.

You don’t need to be buried by church and don’t need to have
a funeral service in a church. That is a job performed by churches, where they
tell everybody that the person in the coffin has gone to heaven although they
know very well that person was a rotten sinner and he had no relationship with
God, he was not interested in God. When he dies the preacher has got to perform
that little task of doing the funeral, then the person has become a saint. That
preacher is a liar my friend, he cannot say that the person has gone to heaven.
So in any case if you are listening to that preacher then you know what the
rest of his integrity is like as well.

Do not be brainwashed in to thinking that you need a church.
The Church has taken the place of God. It is standing right center between man
and God and preventing people from coming to Jesus Christ. You need Jesus my
friend you need none of these other things. You need a relationship with Jesus
Christ and to be aware of Him every moment of your life.

The other thing that is because very important to the church
is money. They extort ten percent of your money from you they want you to pay a
thigh of ten percent. We belong to Jesus Christ and so does all the money that
God gives us. Everything that we are and 
have belongs to Christ. We are the body of Christ, and those other
members of the Body of Christ, our brothers and our sisters, we ought to look
after them like we look after our own body. If I do not care for my brother and
sister who is suffering then I cannot be caring for the Body of Christ. We
should look after the widow and the orphan and we must also look after the
servants the servants of God that serve us, not the managers at the church
because those people are managers, they are not servants of God. If a person
serves you and brings you to Jesus Christ, serves you as a brother in Christ,
look after him. But we ought to look after the Body of Christ we are not to pay
tithes and give money for buildings and lavish lifestyles for managers that are
appointed by churches. All the money that has gone into the buildings and into
the churches could have fed this world there would not have been any poor
Christian that do not have enough. The poor we will always have with us but we
need to look after our own they are the Body of Christ.

You don’t need a church my friend, you need Jesus Christ.
You need to be in a relationship with Him every moment of your life. That
church will get between you and Jesus and one day you will stand in front of
Jesus and He will say:” I never knew you” because you thought that your church
membership put you in good standing with Christ, it is just not true. You need
to seek Jesus for yourself, obey His commandments and follow Him every day of
your life if you want to enter the Kingdom of God.

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