You don’t need a cover

Many people have been deceived into thinking that they need
a cover. Many churches teach people you need a cover, they tell ladies: “You
need a cover between you and God, you need a man, a pastor or somebody.” They
tell men also “You need a cover, somebody who can go and talk to God for you.”

Whoever tells you that wants to control and manipulate you.
Jesus Christ said: “Call nobody your Father, because God is your Father” and He
said” “Call nobody your Teacher because Christ Himself is your Teacher.” We are
all to be brothers, we are followers of Jesus Christ, He is King and He is Lord
nobody else. Jesus gave instruction, He said: “Go into all the world preach the
Gospel to all nations, baptize them in the Name of the Father, the Son and the
Holy Ghost and teach them to do all that I commanded you.“

My brother Jesus calls you to become a disciple and to make
disciples. So you make a disciple, you baptize him and you teach him the
commandments of our Lord. And He Himself will in turn preach the Gospel make
disciples, baptize them and teach them the commandments of our Lord. The supper
of the Lord does not belong to any church or any clergymen. It was given to us
as the Body of Christ to commemorate, to remember the death of our Lord until
He comes. He said: “As often us you eat the bread and you drink the wine,
remember Me until I come”, that is what it is about. It is about breaking bread
from house to house.

The church and the clergy have reserved that which God has
given to ordinary disciples like us. God is not limited by any church. We are
limited because we believe manipulators and extortionists. You must read the
Bible my brother and do it. Don’t listen to people. Jesus Christ is the Truth
and the Way and the Life. We are to follow Him and to obey Him. He did not put
one person above the other person. He put us all here all of us to serve. I am
here to serve you, you are here to serve your brother. There is no hierarchy in
the body of Christ, there is only one Master and that is Jesus, Lord and
King;  we all are brothers and servants
to each other. He said: Whoever is the greatest among you must be the servant
of the rest. We are here to serve each other, to wash each other’s feet, to
admonish each other, to love each other to care for each other. If I see my
brother is in need I must look after him. If I see my brother is hungry I must
give him food to eat or if he needs clothing I must clothe him. That is the
body of Christ, when we all as a unity come into following Jesus Christ, not
into building churches and organizations.

 Division comes through people who have their own agenda.
Jesus Christ is not divided my friends. If we follow Jesus Christ we are a
unity because the only thing that I am worried about is bringing you to Jesus
Christ and to serve you my brother because Christ lives in you. We are here to
come into unity of the faith. That unity of the faith comes when we all bow
down to the Master, that’s unity, not when some people are elevated because
they have some ministry and putt himself on a podium. Jesus put nobody on a
podium He Himself washed His disciples feet. And if we want to be part of the
kingdom of God we have to start washing feet and serving Jesus Christ, serving
each other, loving each other and thus proving that we are disciples of Jesus
Christ. But if we start divisions and churches, have a covering above our head
between us and Christ we are not serving Jesus Christ my friends. Get into
following Jesus and serving your brother and your sister and bringing your
neighbor to Christ. That person is on his way to hell because he doesn’t know
Jesus Christ. If you love him enough you will care for him, you will pray for
him and the Lord Jesus will give you the opportunity to bring you to Him, but
please not to a church because they are going to fleece him.

Bring people to Jesus, baptize them in the Name of the
Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost and teach them to do what Jesus said. That
is the Church of Christ. That is the Body of Christ in operation. Let us wake
up and do what Jesus told us to do. Let us follow Jesus and not each other, let
us listen to the Holy Spirit and do what God called us to do.  Jesus bless you.

 Please feel free to copy, print, distribute in any way
you wish. Please do not modify. Jesus bless you

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