Why is Jesus not using you?

Many people call themselves Christians because they think
that if they adopt the Christian faith that they’ve got an insurance policy
that will prevent them from going to hell. So they just want to make sure that
they don’t go into hell and that they get into heaven, in the mean while they
want to have a good time. On the other hand they do not really want to be used
by Jesus because that sounds like work they want to have a good time and then
when they die they just want to go to heaven because somebody has told them
that is the way it works. it doesn’t.

 Jesus called us for
service, He called us to be servants because He is the King and the Lord and
the Master of His Kingdom. If we do not want to be servants in His Kingdom we cannot
be part of His Kingdom, because He is the King and we are servants. However
there are some people that are serious Christians but they are not used of God
because they are not suitable. We need to be suitable to be used in the Kingdom
of God.

In the first place it is voluntarily, Jesus never begged
anybody to follow Him, He never begged anybody to stay. So if we come to Him we
must come because we wish to come. He said: “If anyone wishes to come after Me
let him deny himself pick up his cross daily and follow Me.” He can only use us
if we have forsaken ourselves, if we have denied ourselves and we voluntarily
put ourselves on a cross on the cross bar of a cross daily.

If a person was crucified they attached him to the cross bar
which he carried along up to the place of crucifixion and then he was hung on
the upright. So you’ve got to attach yourself to that cross bar every day and
submit yourself to Jesus Christ if you want to be suitable for the Kingdom of
Heaven. And there is only one way there are not two or three ways to Heaven
there is only one way and that is the Jesus way, going after Him, following in
His footsteps every day. We must deny ourselves. There is nothing in us that
Jesus is interested in for His Kingdom. He said flesh is useless.

Many people have been told by their pastors or their
churches or whatever: “God can use your talents and you have everything that
you can tribute to the Kingdom of God.” Maybe the church can use your money or
maybe they can use your singing talents to attract people or to make a nice
noise there. Jesus doesn’t need anything, Jesus wants your obedience, that’s
all He is interested in. Jesus doesn’t want our ideas or our thoughts or
anything, our knowledge, nothing that we can bring to the party. Jesus needs, nothing.
He just said: If any man wishes to come after Me let him deny himself. So you
come like that man hanging on the cross, naked my friend, nothing, we bring
nothing to the party, it is His party, His Kingdom, He is Lord, He is Master
and He is King. We come to Him as we are and if we come with that frame of
mind, sold out, totally like a man that is 
crucified. He is on his way to be crucified, he is not coming back, he
is not looking back because there is no way back there is only one way and that
is death. Death to sin death to the flesh death to self so that we can live to
Christ. If we have died to self then we can only be useful to God. Jesus does
not ask us for our opinions or bright ideas or where to pitch a church or what
marketing trick we must use to get people into the church, that is your pastor,
he is running a business.

Jesus Christ Himself is running His Kingdom His way and He
will give no man any recognition or honor He will not share His Glory with
nobody. If we go after Him we do His will and all the Glory goes to Him because
it is His Kingdom and He is God Almighty, His plans are mighty plans. His Word
goes out and accomplishes whatever He wants it to accomplish. Jesus said: “I do
nothing on My own initiative but everything that the Father tells Me that I
do.” And if we follow Jesus that is the way we will go about it. We will do
what Jesus tells us to do, not what we want to do. His thoughts are above our
thoughts, His ways are above our ways. His plans are above our plans. He is the
King of His Kingdom and He Rules.

He is not asking us anything He is not asking us to predict
when and what He is going to do whatever. He knows what He is going to do and
He reveals it to whomever He wishes. But if we still got our own ideas and our
own plans our own ambitions then we are not suitable for the kingdom of Heaven
we will not go in there and we are not suitable to serve there. The only way
that we serve Christ is through obedience to Him. The only way that we can
serve Him is that we hear His voice, we live in a relationship with Him.
Following Jesus Christ is a relationship. He is God Almighty and the only way
that He communicates with you is by His Spirit and He will tell you what He
wants you to do. But if you are not tuned in you cannot listen you cannot obey
and you cannot do what He tells you to do.

Where does God live? Not in the church down the road
my friend He lives inside your heart inside my heart inside of us that’s where
He abides. We must listen to Him. Many people listen to Satan when he tells
them to do wrong things when he entices them to do wrong things. We must start
making ourselves aware and available to Jesus Christ, we must be responsive to
His Holy Spirit inside of us. We must be attentive and listen all the time to Him.
King David said: “The Lord God is always before me, He is at my right hand.”
Why? He is concentrating on God, He was attentive to God. God put His Holy
Spirit into us as believers, if we have received the Holy Spirit, in order to
guide us into all righteousness in order for Him to guide us into fruitfulness.
If we are not fruitful we will be cut off and will be thrown away and burned.
Jesus did not call us to sit and wait for Him to come, He did not call us to do
our own thing. He called us for useful service in His Kingdom. The only way
that we can be useful to them is if we abide in Him. If we abide in Christ then
we can bear much fruit but if we are not grafted into the Vine we will be cut
off because we will bear no fruit. It is our job to seek Jesus to make
ourselves available to Him, day and night, all the time. There is no time out,
we’ve got to make ourselves available, be attentive to Him, listen to His Holy
Spirit all the time if we want to be serviceable for His Kingdom and if we want
to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, because remember, the Kingdom of Heaven is:
Jesus is King and I am a servant every moment of my life. I can walk away, He
won’t stop me but then I have disqualified myself from being suitable for the
Kingdom of Heaven.

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