Jesus is not restricted

Jesus Christ is not restricted, He is not limited at all. He
is God Almighty. Unto Him has been given all power and all authority in heaven
and on earth and that same Jesus lives inside every believer. Every Christian,
every person that has accepted Jesus Christ has the  Christ living inside of Him. Now you ask me why don’t we see the
power of God? It is because we as Christians are not denying ourselves and we
are not allowing Christ to work through us. We are standing squarely in the way
of that which God wants to achieve through us.

 The Kingdom of God is about Jesus Christ and Him crucified
but also about me crucified so that Christ in me can do that which He wants to
achieve through me, if I obey Him. Christians don’t want to obey Christ. They
want Christ to fit into there life. Many preachers will tell you God cannot do
this and He cannot do that, they think that God is restricted by their
channels, by their church that God can only work in their church.

They have no knowledge of God my friend. If you think that
God is restricted you haven’t met Jesus Christ yet. God is God of the universe
and God is God Almighty and Christ is God, He is Master, He is Lord and
everything belongs to Him and He reigns. And if you do not make Him the Master
of your life He cannot reign in your life and He will not use you to achieve
His will and that which He wants to achieve through you. Whatever is happening
in this world is in the power of God there is nothing outside of the power of
God. God allows all things to happen, God orchestrates all things, all things
are His servants. You look at the economic situation out there and you say it
is out of control, it is not.  It is out
of man’s control yes, it is not out of God’s control. The Kingdom of God is not
the Kingdom of this world my friend, it is the Kingdom of Eternity, of which
only those who really believe in Jesus and who really have crucified themselves
have become a part.

Why is the Kingdom of God not exercised, not manifested
through His children today? It is because they have not subjected themselves to
the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is not limited my friend but you
limit Him through your carnal mind and through your own ideas. It is because we
are disobedient to Christ, and if we are not obedient in the smallest of things
we will not be obedient in the biggest of things. There is no way that Moses
could have drawn water from the Rock by whatever means he tried, he didn’t have
a drilling rig. But obedience to God, sent him to the rock. He struck the rock
instead of speaking to it but God gave water from the rock.

God does not work in the ways that people work and therefore
you will not employ God in your church, or in your organization. God is not in
the employment market. God called us to be disciples in His Kingdom and the
only way that we will ever serve Him is if we deny ourselves and become
servants in his Kingdom. God is Mighty and God wants to work mightily through
His Body, not through anything else. God works through people, He works through
His Body. He works through the weakness of man but when man is so strong and so
clever and so wise, that we want to dictate to God what He must do, how and
when and what He can and what He cannot do, what is written and what is not written
we are not restricting God; we are denying God and we are not part of His
Kingdom. Unless we as Christian believers submit ourselves to God and come to
Jesus knowing how weak we are, what we are, we are nothing. Unless we do that
and become nothing, Christ cannot become everything and works the power of God
through us. God is not interested in the way that we think. His thoughts are
way beyond our thoughts, His ways are beyond our thoughts. God is God Almighty
and He shares His revelation with those who are humble enough to accept Him
like a child does, humble enough to trust Him. God does not do the possible He
does the impossible.

Where is the revival that God promised? There is no revival
because the children of God are fast asleep and they don’t trust God, they are
not children of God either. If you are a child of God my friend, if you call
yourself a Christian I challenge you today, I challenge you to deny yourself. I
challenge you to start following Jesus. I challenge you to start listening to the
voice of the Holy Spirit because unless you do that you will not be part of His
Kingdom. If Jesus is not your Lord and if you do not deny your own thought your
own knowledge your own knowledge of the Bible, everything of yourself you are
not useful for the Kingdom of God.

God is Mighty my friends God is Almighty He does whatever He
pleases and He asks nobody’s permission. But His children do not see Him they
do not know Him because they wouldn’t subject themselves to Him. God will do
what He plans to do, He will achieve His purpose and He will not ask our
permission. Christians are saying this and that prophecy should still bee
fulfilled, you know nothing my friend and you know why you don’t know? Because
you are leaning on your own understanding you are not listening to the voice of

God reveals His secret counsel to those who listen to Him we
must submit ourselves to God. We must become part of the Kingdom of God, God is
not limited. You are limiting the flow of the Holy Spirit through you because
you refuse to submit yourself to Christ.

You want to understand God nobody understands God. God
reveals Himself to those who wait on Him, to those who denied themselves, who
take the time to wait on Him and make Him the King and are not the king of their
own lives, who are not the masters of their own destiny but submit themselves
to Christ. He reveals Himself to those who wait on Him to become servants in
His Kingdom. They do not want to tell Him what He will do and when He will do
it according to their understanding. God is laughing at you my friend if you
think that you are wise in your own eyes. We must submit ourselves to Christ,
come to Him humbly as servants and say: Lord Thy will be done. Show us Lord
what You are doing, allow us Lord to see what You are planning, allow me Lord
to be part of Your plan. Use me Lord for Your Kingdom I am here for service
Lord send me where You want to send me. Tell me to say what You want me to say.

Those who are poor in Spirit they will see the Kingdom of
God not those who are wise and clever in their own eyes. We must submit
ourselves to the Mighty Hand of God and we shall see the glory of God. God is
moving by His Spirit my friend and if you don’t sense it and if you don’t see
it then it is because you are not tuned in. Get on your knees before the Living
God and say: Lord please reveal Yourself to Me. Seek Him while He still can be
found, make sure that you do not perish in His wrath because you are too hard
headed and stiff necked to submit yourself to Jesus Christ. You think you are
saved you don’t even know the Savior my friend, get on your knees He is God
Almighty. He is not to be scoffed at, He is not to be laughed at, He is not to
be mocked, He is not to be ignored He is God Almighty. Get to know Jesus the King.
He is not restricted my friend. The only way He can work through you and in you
and in me is if we submit ourselves to the Might Hand of God. Submit yourself
my friend seek Jesus and He will reveal Himself to you.

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