Sold to Satan

Jesus Christ called us unto Himself as disciples as part of
His Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven of which He is King, Lord and Master. In
order to be part of that Kingdom and to serve Jesus as Lord we must obey Him
and do what He said.

 Many Christians are so part of the world system that they
find it impossible to do what Jesus commanded and as result of that they are
not suitable for the Kingdom of Heaven. The worldly systems have there benefits
and people are so part of that system that they refuse to get out of the

 They think that God must fit into that system. Jesus is not
part of the world system and He will not fit into the world system. We fit into
His system and become obedient to Him. God has an order, He put the father as
the head of the house, the priest of the house. The world system has changed
things now. It is beneficial for a woman to have children out of wedlock,
because if she has children out of wedlock she gets support from the state.
Therefore many women are having babies out of wedlock, if they do get married
they loose their benefits from the state. God has ordained man as the priest of
the house. If we violate Jesus order we are disobedient to Him. Many people,
even Christians, live off social security or support from government, for
people who are unemployed. Many of them are unemployed because they don’t want
to work.

Now you ask me what is wrong with that? If you are part of
the system you are slave to the system and not slave of Jesus Christ. Jesus
said own nobody anything. We should not borrow money because the borrower is
slave of the lender, so what’s wrong with that? Very soon we are getting into a
situation where the implanted micro chip, which is so well advertised right now
it will become a pre requisite for a person to do business, obtain credit or
purchase. If you are part of that system, there is no way that you will deny
taking that micro chip. The Bible talks about the mark of the beast and that
those who do not take it will not be able to buy or sell. That’s the mark of
the beast coming up. Christians are sold so much into the system that they will
just as the rest of the world take it hook line and sinker.

My friend if you are so deep in debt that you cannot move
that you have to ask your pastor to pray for you for an improve credit rating
like some churches, some fornicating churches do, then you have a problem. Are
you so busy with and caught up in this world system that you are useless to the
Kingdom of God? You will end up in a place where Jesus will say to you: Go away
from Me, I never knew you.

People are in violation of Christ, they disobey His
commandments to comply with the world system. You cannot serve to Masters.
Either we serve God or we serve the world and the world system.

There is going to be a sacrifice to be set free. Jesus came
to set us free. He says those whom the Son has set free will be free indeed.
But there is a price to it. You might have to give up your benefits, you might
have to submit to your husband. Only when we get back into God’s order into
obedience to Jesus Christ can we be citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. If we
violate, refuse Jesus as our Lord and Master we say: I’ll do it my way. We
might say: God does not fit into our century, He does not fit in my friend. Jesus
is Lord!


If I want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven I obey Jesus
Christ then He is my King. I don’t expect Him to do things my way. I say: Lord
Thy will be done, guide me into Thy ways so that I can be pleasing to Thee.
Christians are so busy with the earthly things they got no time for God. Do we
expect Jesus to welcome us into Heaven when we were to busy,  being part of this world system and
unwilling to submit ourselves to Him to become part of His system? Time is up
my friends. Jesus is coming and many, many Christians will be utterly
disillusioned because they were so much part of this system that it was
impossible for them to submit them to Jesus Christ and become part of the
Kingdom of God. Those people will be totally devastated when they had the
expectation of entering Heaven, being part of the Kingdom of God and Jesus says
to them: Go away I never knew you, you never had time for Me, neither did you
have or respect for Me or My Words. Think about it my friend. Are you suitable
for the Kingdom of Heaven or are you so part of this worldly system that Jesus
has no part of your life?

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