It is not fair

Is it fair that some people get the opportunity to meet the
Lord Jesus Christ only once in their life and others have that opportunity
many, many times over? Some people have heard about Jesus, had the opportunity
to meet Him so many times and they refused Him. Others, like the thief on the
cross next to Jesus, had one opportunity and he said: Lord think of me when You
get into Your Kingdom. He had one opportunity and he took it.

 Many of us have many opportunities and we did not make use
of them. The modern way for people to sit in a pew, wanting to be entertained.
They want to go to church and enjoy entertainment like they sit in front of a
TV. If they don’t like the show don’t go there anymore. Jesus didn’t call us to
be entertained my friends. He said: Follow Me and to those who had excuses He
said: Whoever puts his hand to the plough and looks back is not fit for the
Kingdom of Heaven. There are so many Christians who are only Christian in name
they don’t keep on looking back they are just back there in the world they have
never got up and followed Jesus Christ. When the invitation came they said:
Okay Lord I am coming but they never started following Him. They call
themselves Christians but they are not obeying Jesus Christ. If we are obeying
Jesus Christ and we are His disciples, 
we shall do what He said. He called us for service, to be witnesses for
His Kingdom. He called us to be fruitful in His Kingdom, to love the brethren,
look after the poor and to let the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ shine.
He called us into a relationship with Himself to pray always not to sit in
front of the TV always. He called us to be busy with His Kingdom always, not to
be busy with our own pleasures, running to the mall for the pleasure of buying,
always planning our own pleasures. Jesus never planned pleasure.

Jesus listened to the Father and He did the will of the
Father. What are we occupied with? Is our soul and only occupation the only
thing we are thinking about is the Kingdom of God, Jesus Christ. Are we asking:
Lord how can I serve You today? Or are we serving ourselves or our own
interests. We cannot serve two Masters, either I am the king of my life or
Jesus Christ is the King of my life, Jesus Christ in me. If I push Him out and
I become the king I am not part of His Kingdom. But if the Spirit of Christ
inside of me rules and all I can think about and talk about and live for is the
Kingdom of Christ, then only have I become part of His Kingdom. As long as I am
still busy with my own interests doing my own things I am not part of His
Kingdom I am just fooling myself.


 There is no
part time Christian only full time followers of Jesus Christ and He won’t hold
you back if you don’t like it. You can go anytime, the door is open but in the
end we are the losers. Jesus did not talk about time-out. He said whoever
WISHES to come after Me,  He did not beg
anybody. He said he who wishes to come after Me must deny himself, forget about
yourself, about your own interest your own dreams your own future your own
everything, deny yourself pick up your cross daily and follow Jesus Christ. So
what about me you know what about me Jesus said: Seek ye first the Kingdom of
God and His righteousness and all these other things will be added unto you.
But we believe that Jesus will give us a raw deal, He won’t look after us well.
I can look after myself better than Jesus. He won’t stop you my friend but you
will never be part of His Kingdom. We have to make a decision make up our
minds. God is a fair God, He takes no half measures. Jesus paid one full price
and He expects one full dedication to Him only. If we are not willing for that,
we are not fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said: if a man wants to build a
tower or a house he must first count the cost before he starts otherwise he
will get halfway and people will laugh at him when he doesn’t finish. That’s
the Kingdom of Heaven. If we want to follow Jesus and if we hope to enter the
Kingdom of Heaven we must count the cost and go for it one hundred percent or we
are just not going to get there, we are going to lose out totally. There is
only a prize for over comers, for those who endure until the end and who obey
Jesus Christ right to the very, very end.

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