He will not condemn you

Jesus never condemned anyone who came to Him. He did not
come to the world to condemn the world but to save the world. They brought a
woman to Him who had been caught in adultery. His reply was that the one who
has no sin should cast the first stone,  
the accusers walked away, from the oldest to the youngest and He asked
her: Where are your accusers? She said they are gone. He said: Go and sin no

 And that is what Jesus calls us to do, to sin no more. He
will not condemn us, it doesn’t matter what we have done wrong, how bad we are,
which condition we are in. He invites us to come to Him. He will not show you
away. It doesn’t matter what kind of trouble you got yourself into. Normally
people only go to Jesus when they are really in trouble. He will accept us as
we are but if we don’t go to Jesus that is where the condemnation will start
because it is written Jesus said it in John 3:19 “And this is the condemnation,
that Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than Light,
because their deeds were evil.”

 The reason why people don’t want to come to Jesus is because
they don’t want to turn away from their evil deeds. So the condemnation is not
for being evil, not for having done wrong things but for not going to Jesus to
be cleansed and for Him to help us to get out of the trouble that we got
ourselves into. So we will be judged one day for NOT GOING TO JESUS for not
asking Him to help us. No sin will go into heaven, it won’t just be brushed
over. He will forgive our past sins but our character has to changed in order
for us to be suitable for the Kingdom of Heaven. We come to Jesus we come as a
sinner but in that condition I am not suitable for the Kingdom of Heaven. We
have to be changed by Jesus to be useful for Him. He will take that rough stone
which we are when we come to Him and He will start cutting it and polishing it
and make it into the most beautiful diamond. He will cleanse us and change us
to be suitable for His Kingdom. If we refuse punishment, molding, forming and
correction by His Holy Spirit we will not be suitable for the Kingdom of
Heaven. Our problem is not the sinful nature in us, our problem is the
willingness in us to come to Jesus. He knows we are weak He knows we fall even
if we were with Jesus for a long time and we have been following Him, we shall
have days where we fall into trouble. The problem is not the sin that I have
fallen into obviously providing I didn’t deliberately do so but the problem is
not going back to Jesus.

 Peter fell many times. He denied his Lord but He stuck with
the Lord and He stayed with the Lord right until the end and God polished him,
Jesus said when you are converted He says then go and feed your brothers, look
after your brothers. Jesus takes people like us that are normal people nothing
special and He changes us into people that are suitable for His Kingdom. He
changes a sinner into a saint, if we allow Him. If we don’t go to Him we will
be condemned.

So there is no condemnation when we come to Christ we just
come as we are, we say Lord I messed up Lord please help me and He will welcome
us in. If we don’t go to Him we will be judged, we will come into judgment and
He will say: I called you. I said I will help you. I said My yoke is light and
My burden is soft and I will help you carry it but you would not come to Me.
That will be the condemnation, that we refused to go to Jesus to help us. He
only has one standard but He will help us to fulfill that standard if we come
to Him.

When we realize how weak, useless we are then only do we
start crying out every minute and say: Lord help me Lord just help me. Then we
stop trusting in ourselves and trust in Jesus. We stop trying to polish our own
flesh and trying to be better, we just abandon our fleshly selves and just say:
Lord I am just useless so I will trust in You this day. I will keep my eyes on
You Lord Jesus, please guide me in this day so that I can overcome and be

Just submit to Him. Say: Lord by Your power I want to
do Your will on this day. Please guide me. I am keeping my eyes on You Lord,
not looking on myself but I am following Christ and He will see me through.

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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