Feeling God

Us humans always want to see and hear and feel before we
believe anything. If we can’t see it we don’t believe it is there. But, we have
a spirit inside of us which we can’t feel or see, yet it is there! GOD IS
SPIRIT and Jesus said that those who want to worship Him must worship Him in
Spirit and in Truth. We are looking for signs and feelings and many people ask:
Did you feel the Holy Spirit? If we cannot feel our own Spirit how do we expect
to feel God’s Spirit? Some people pretend that they are spiritual and they say:
I feel the Spirit of God.

 God is not feelings neither is His Spirit feelings. The just
shall live by faith and we shall live from every Word that proceeds from the
Mouth of God. Jesus said: I stand by the door of your heart and I knock and if
any ones opens I will come in and I will sup with Him. We have a spirit inside
of us, our own spirit. There are fowl spirits, demon spirits also and there is
God’s Spirit; we are empty vessels. So we have a choice to either invite Satan
in or invite Jesus Christ in. We know the consequences if we invite Satan in
because him and his demos come in and they lead us into wrong actions, and then
we are judged by our deeds! If you go to court they do not judge by your
thoughts but by your deeds. You can think what you like but if you do wrong you
are in big trouble. God knows the thoughts of man He knows more than an earthly
judge and He even judges our thoughts.

We have a choice either to invite Satan in or to invite
Jesus in. If we listen to the devil and we invite the devil into our lives he
gets a hold of us and he controls us, he takes us where we don’t want to be. If
we invite Jesus in we must kick the devil out because Jesus does not live with
Satan. It’s our decision but we cannot feel Jesus.

Jesus said we will live by every Word that proceeds from the
Mouth of God. Jesus also said: lo I am with you always, I will never leave you
and never forsake you. Jesus will never leave us, He is there, even if we do
not see or feel Him. Jesus is there! You are ignoring Him, Jesus never left
you. He will never leave us, He is the Truth. God does not live in heaven only,
He is every where, also inside of us if we invite Him in. God is omnipotent,
which means He is stronger than anything and He is omnipresence that means He
is everywhere. But He will not gate crash, He will not come in if we do not
invite Him in. If we ignore Him He is still there.

 Satan will also never leave you alone if you want to follow
Jesus. Satan will go at you forever until that last day that you breathe your
last breath. He will try to get you into hell. But we must decide either to
invite Jesus Christ into our lives and to obey Him because He is always there
He is never going to leave us. He is faithful we are not. He said: Nothing will
pluck you out of My Hand. However if you walk away He is not going to stop you.
If you invite the devil in Jesus is not going to say: He is Mine leave him
alone. No He gave us the choice to either invite Him in and do His good will or
to invite Satan in but we will bear the consequences.

 People hear the devil talking to them all the time leading
them into temptation but they say they can’t hear God. Why? Because they are
not tuned in. The devil will not tell you good things, he will not tell you to
go to Jesus, to stop sinning or stand up against temptation. He will temp you
into sin, try and make life easy for you, he will say: God doesn’t see!  God doesn’t know about it. God knows and He
sees. We must listen to Jesus, God put our conscience into us and we must
listen to our conscience and to the Holy Spirit which speaks to us. We
each  know what is right, God put it
into us but if we close ourselves off to the Holy Spirit and we listen to Satan
he will coach us into hell.

We can not see or feel God, 
we must make ourselves aware of Him by prayer all day long, then He
becomes  more and more real to us every
minute until that day that we meet Jesus face to face.

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1 Response to Feeling God

  1. Keith says:

    I just posted a blog yesterday that speaks about how I have a hard time believing in and seeing miracles. I believe Gods word 100%. But as I stated in my blog, I have a hard time (sometimes) believing that He will move like that in my life. But yet, when I think about it I can see Him moving in many different ways.

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