Called to serve

Jesus called us for service, to be servants. Many people
don’t want to be servants they just want to be saved. We are called to serve to
obey Jesus Christ, His commandment was: you must love each other. Why did He
say that? Because God lives not in temples build of mud,  clay, stone and steel. He lives in humans,
we are a temple of the Holy Ghost and therefore He says we must love each
other. By loving my brother I love God because my brother is made in the image
of God and the Spirit of God lives inside of my brother. If I don’t care for my
brother, I don’t care for God either.

He said what you have done to the least of the brethren you
have done to Me also. He said that in the judgment day He will separate the
sheep from the goats He will say to the sheep: come into the rest of My Father.
I was naked and you clothed Me and you will say: Lord where did I clothe You?
He said: in as much as you have done it to the least you have done it to Me.
And He will say to the goats I was hungry you wouldn’t feed Me and I was in
need, I was in prison, you wouldn’t visit Me. They will say Lord where did we
do that He will say: as much as you didn’t do it to the least you didn’t do it
to Me.

God called us to serve each other to wash each other’s feet.
What does that mean? When we go out in this world we get contaminated, we get
dirty. When we first came to Jesus, He cleansed us He washed us. But when we go
outside into this world we get in contact with a lot of bad things. You might
start doing wrong and therefore a brother might reprimand you. He is washing
your feet. Many of us react and say: Don’t judge less you be judged! Your
brother is not judging you, he is helping you to be suitable for the Kingdom of
Heaven, he is admonishing you, he cares for you.

Many of us just bite and destroy each other. Others go out
want to judge the world. We are to judge each other. The world outside Christ
will judge. Jesus loves us and He wants us to serve Him. If we believe in
Christ and follow Him then we obey Him who commanded us to be Holy. You cannot
tell the world an unbeliever to live holy, no. Jesus said to His  disciples: Be ye holy for God is holy. If
you follow Christ you will correct and reprimand your brother.

Our duty goes further than that. Our fellow man God also
made and that is why we must save them from HELL. A person who does not know
Jesus is on his way to hell and if you do not care enough about him to warn him
then you do not love him either. Jesus did not call us to be sitting in a pew,
waiting until Jesus is comes. He called us for service, to work in His Kingdom.
Jesus is called us to make disciples to bring people to Him so that they can
repent, be baptized and become followers of Jesus Christ and citizens of
Heaven. That is our job, not to sit around and wait for the “rapture” or wait
for Jesus to come. He will come and He will fetch His Bride who is ready. Those
who are working, fruitful in His Kingdom those who obey Him, they will be
suitable. The ones who were lazy and disobedient will be punished. He will say
to them: I gave you talents, what did you do with it? You say no Lord I sat
there because I knew you were coming and I knew that You are a terrible God, He
will say your lazy servant you refused to serve Me and you will be cast out in
hell. God will punish those who are too lazy to work. He called us to be
servants in His Kingdom and if we refused to serve we will not be suitable for
the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why we must deny ourselves, pick up our cross
daily and follow Jesus Christ.

We are here to serve, we are here to serve our fellow man
because they are all God’s creatures God made every man on this earth as a
vessel for Himself to live in as a temple for the Holy Spirit to live in. We
are here as witnesses to bring other people to Jesus so His Spirit can live
inside of them. We are called to be servants of the Most High God.

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