The Beast

Inside of every person there is a beast, with some it is slumbering very deep and with others very shallow. You just need to press the right buttons and that thing comes alive and does terrible things. With some people you see it happening in the traffic. If you just say the right thing that person goes berserk, with others it is quiet, well subdued but that is the flesh.
We are born like that. We are human and that beast is alive. He just waits to be resurrected. That is the beast that needs to be nailed to the cross every day. He needs to be nailed there like Jesus hung on the cross. That is why Jesus said: If any man would come after Me, he must deny himself daily, pick up his cross and follow Me. We must kill the works of the flesh, deny ourselves, hang ourselves on a cross every day and follow Jesus. To obey Jesus and to do what pleases Him goes contrary to the flesh. That beast is very much alive and he never dies until the day that we finally die, we are stuck with him. That is why Paul said: I know that in me, my flesh, dwells nothing good. Jesus said that no man is good only God is good. Inside of us that evil thing that is just waiting to erupt.

If we want to follow Jesus we must subdue the flesh willfully every day and subject ourselves to obedience to Jesus Christ. We must take a decision and say: This day I am going to follow Jesus. If we allow the beast, our flesh, to rule we sin and we must repent immediately and put him right back down in there. The slightest you give him the opportunity he is going to wake up and him and the devil will collaborate to take you into hell. Our own flesh is our eternal enemy, we got to keep him down.

Christian’s battle with sin. There is a difference between willful sinning and sinning because you have the beast inside of you, because you are just flesh. If we go out in the world in our normal activities it is likened to walking in the dust and our feet get dirty, not your whole body. You are exposed to things, that you didn’t want to see but because you are in the world you are tempted  and sometimes we are pushed into situations we didn’t ask for and we reacting in ways that we prefer not to react. We might say or think wrong, get enticed into something which we don’t really want to. Therefore we have to wash our feet every night through prayer and repentance. That is what washing the feet means. When Christians correct each other, that is washing each others feet. We must accept correction from each other, we are our brother’s keepers. We must look out for each other and submit to each other in love, subduing the flesh, get that beast right down where he ought to be.

Another problem that Christians have is they are continuously trying to keep the flesh down, but they don’t become fruitful in Christ. They are like a dam which just receives and nothing ever flows out, they never testify or produce fruit, the good works that Jesus called us for. They become stagnant, rotten. We must be fruitful, we must testify for Jesus Christ. We must let our light shine and then we will leave less opportunity for that beast to climb out.
We have no excuse for not being fruitful because everything that Jesus commanded us is possible for us to do. whatever He told us to do we can do. If we find it difficult to do it then we must just ask Him. It is written: if any man needs wisdom, let him ask of God who gives to all men freely and it will be given to him. James 1:5. So we have no excuse God did not call us for our talents. He does not need any of our talents. He says if any man wishes to come after Me, He doesn’t force us. All we need to do is ask Him, we must deny ourselves and forsake our own talents, our own wisdom, just put it down there and start listening. What Jesus wants of us is obedience. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth, if we ask Him, if we listen. He is our Teacher and He will teach us but we must ask Him.
We must put that beast down. We have no excuse not to succeed. If we don’t succeed it is because we didn’t ask Jesus to help us. He is waiting for you to ask Him to help you to succeed in this race to eternity.

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