Prophecy God is Mad April 07 2009

Prophecy God is Mad 
April 07 2009

Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord.

Perilous times are ahead. Fear will grip the nations. They
will cry out to God and He will not answer. When He called they would not

The Lord will judge in righteousness. Those who refused Him
will perish, those who blatantly refused the truth. His face is set against the
wickedness of men who follow the evil thoughts in their own minds. They do not
fear, nor do they honor Him.

The Lord God sits on His throne and watches mankind. He sees
the wickedness of their hearts, their rebellion towards Him who loves them. He
has given man the best. His sun shines on them every day. Yet they ignore Him
and curse Him.

He will not strive any longer with man. He has warned
repeatedly, early and late, yet nobody listened. Few gave heed to the call. His
hand will smite and will not excuse. They will seek the God of love but will
find the God of wrath.

God is mad – the lord God is furious, thus they will say. In
their misery they will seek Him. For many it will be too late. They will die
without Him. As in the days of Noah they will cry out but the door will be

Many of those are believers who forsook their first love,
Jesus Christ and returned to their former works. They knew righteousness but
willfully went back to their own vomit.

God is mad!

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