Prophetic Word March 31, 2009 – Warning to Christians

Few are willing to come into My presence, to wait on Me, to reveal Myself to them. Most believers are so occupied with earthly things that they don’t have time for Me. They never make time to wait on Me. They do not receive a word from Me, so they perish. Man shall not live on bread alone but on each word that proceeds from my mouth.
Their ears are not inclined to Me. Their minds are filled with earthly things. They have time for their pleasures but not for Me – I am not a priority in their lives. i am not in their schedule. Yet they call themselves Christians. I will spew them out. WARN THEM!
My hand will not spare them in the day of my wrath. They serve Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me. They will perish with the ungodly. I will not excuse. There are only few who seek Me with a serious heart.
Many are busy with spiritual activities. Yet they ignore My Spirit. They are busy with Bible studies to feed their mind but their spirit is staved because they do not wait on Me. They do not ask Me for revelation. They gather information but they have no knowledge o Me. They refuse revelation. They rather trust the explanations of others than ask Me for insight and wisdom. True wisdom only comes from Me.
I reveal Myself to those who ask from Me, who have their mind set on me and not on their own insight. They do not ask, so they do not receive. Some ask but they do not receive because they seek to acquire knowledge to be boastful, not knowledge of Me, to know Me and My will. They have selfish motives, to elevate themselves with superior knowledge and insight.
I reveal Myself to those who come humbly before Me, who seek Me to know Me, who wish to serve Me.  I know the intentions of the heart and reward each according to their pureness of heart. Those who seek to know Me, find Me. Those who seek to elevate themselves go away empty.
I will show Myself to the upright, who seek Me with a pure heart. The arrogant and the religious, will perish in their own deliberations, they will never get to know Me.
My words are for those who humbly, expectantly wait on Me. I will feed them and sustain them.

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1 Response to Prophetic Word March 31, 2009 – Warning to Christians

  1. Pastor Rusty says:

    Sounds to me like a very large portion of the Church. We need to pray!!!

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