Getting out of church

Some church going Christians one day wake up to the realization that everything in their church is not going according to the Bible and they start becoming uncomfortable. They compare with what they read in the Bible with what they see in their church. Because it doesn’t tally they start getting uncomfortable because it is not right. There is no church, which really fits in with what God wants. Churches are not focused on Jesus Christ, churches are focused on there own affairs. If you are serious with Christ you will not be comfortable in the church because the Holy Spirit in you is not satisfied with church either.

That happens to many people, then they are either excluded or they become so dissatisfied  that they leave. Suddenly, when you are out of church you realize that you never had a relationship with Jesus Christ; your whole Christianity, your whole faith, was build on church life and not on Jesus Christ. Many people then try and fix up the church. That doesn’t work. You have to get out of the system and follow Jesus Christ. You must deny yourself pick up your cross daily and follow Him. You cannot change a church, you must follow Jesus.

Your biggest problem is not getting out of the church the, bigger problem is getting the church out of you. People are so indoctrinated that they have no idea of what it means to follow Christ. If you want to follow Christ you must forget everything that you have learned and you must focus on Jesus Christ. There is only one way to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and that is by obeying Him and His commandments. If you are indoctrinated you need to be reformatted like a computer, you need to be cleaned out again so that you can start from scratch and LEARN OBEDIENCE TO JESUS CHRIST because that is what the Kingdom of God is about. The Kingdom of God is about: Jesus Christ is Lord and King and all that matters is JESUS and obedience to Him.. We need to forget everything that we have learned and focus on Christ the King and do what He said.
His invitation was simple. He just said: FOLLOW ME and that is what He is saying to you and me: FOLLOW ME. It’s a lonely road. It is a road of Jesus and you alone you cannot take anybody along on that road. You have to make up your mind whether you want to follow Christ because you cannot play church and follow Jesus. Following Jesus is a lonely, lonely road but that is the only way into the Kingdom of God, making Jesus Christ the KING of your life and all that matters is what Christ said, HIS WORDS.

Jesus Christ is the King of kings the Lord of lords and if you want to be part of the Kingdom of heaven YOU MUST SUBMIT TO THE KING TOTALLY. So to get the church out of you and everything that you have learned, you need to REPENT of it. Say: Lord here I am teach me fresh and let me walk in Your ways. Pick up your cross every day and follow Jesus Christ, deny yourself, forget what you have learned, start fresh, start on the WORDS OF JESUS as they are written in the Gospels and start OBEYING JESUS CHRIST then only do we become part of the Kingdom of heaven; when we OBEY CHRIST and do everything exactly as Jesus told us to do. Then only is Jesus your KING, then only have we got a hope of salvation because we are following the Savior, worshipping the King and we are obeying Him.
If we REFUSE TO OBEY THE KING we cannot be part of His Kingdom. Either HE IS KING and I OBEY HIM, hundred percent or I do what I like and He is not the King any more, then I am not part of His Kingdom. That is why He will say to many people on that day: GO AWAY I NEVER KNEW YOU; because they NEVER FOLOWED HIM they were occupied with other things.

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