Prophecy: I am coming January 21, 2009

Prophecy: I am coming. Be ready!
January 21, 2009. 12:10 am.

People want to restrict God, predict what He will, and will not do, what He can and cannot do. They have no knowledge of God. They think they can describe Him, want to know what He looks like so they can visualize and recognize Him.

God has pleasure in the lowly, the humble and available. He has pleasure in those who long to be in His presence, find joy in hearing his voice, receiving His revelation. Everybody wants revelation but they are not willing to wait on Me.

They will not leave their warm beds to come and spend time with Me. They don’t care to spend hours in front of the TV or with their own affairs but they find it difficult to wait in My presence. I am a jealous God. I share my glory with nobody.

People boast about what I told them, then I change it to make sure that man is not glorified.. Man will respect Me and fear Me. The arrogant will soon learn My wrath. They will learn that I am not mocked. I do things My way.

I confirm those who follow Me with a pure heart. I do the utter unthinkable – that which did not occur in the mind of man so they will marvel when they see My works.

They will fear and stand in awe when I display My fury. Who will not fear? I will make them fear and tremble. Their wits will leave them. They will not hide from Me.

Even if they hide themselves in the depths of the earth, I will shake them out like a filthy rag. Their safe places will become their prison and their grave. They mock Me. Think they can run from Me.

They took no reproof they will see destruction.  They had no pleasure in seeking Me and spending time with Me. I will vomit them from My mouth. Many call themselves Christians but they do not fear Me or love Me. They will not seek Me.

They spend their lives running after pleasures and desires of the flesh. They are wicked, the occupation of their minds are evil and lustful. Their part will be in the lake of fire. They are false and liars who pretend to love Me.

They served Me with their lips but their hearts were far from Me. They are blemishes, insults to My Name. They will hear My voice when I cast them away from My presence. They despised my Holy Spirit. They would not accept correction.

They scorned My messengers and exalted their own opinions. They never had pleasure in seeking Me, neither would they accept instruction. They are not suitable for my kingdom – they will never enter.

Only the lowly, the willing, who loved Me will be in My house, dwellings I prepared for those who sought Me. They will enter my rest and abide in My peace. No rebellious person will enter My glory.

My servants never found My commands burdensome but followed Me with joy. They emptied themselves in obedience to Me. I will fill them with My bounty. They clothed themselves with righteousness and carried scorn to follow Me,

I will clothe them with honor. They will shine like the stars on the firmament for ever. The fire of My fury will devour My adversaries. – My judgment is coming.

Be ready. I am coming in My fury. They ask you: What does the Lord say? Tell them: I am coming. Be ready!

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