Prophecy: The Mighty Tremor December 29th ’08 11:40 pm.

more God will shake all things. Those who are not built on Jesus Christ
will be shaken and their fall will be great. Every tree that the Father
has not planted will be uprooted. Very few will stand the test. Only
those who have a relationship with Jesus, who know His voice, will
endure.  Those who believed that they were saved by grace but never got into a relationship with Jesus, will not stand

Their faith will be shaken and tested severely. They will blame God because their expectations were shattered. They never knew  Him,
never took the time to get to know Him, never had extra oil in their
lamps. Their faith was built on the words of men, it will be shattered
as soon as the first test comes, they will run.

The True  Rock is Jesus – nobody else!

who trusted in their own insight and doctrine, who refused to come to
Jesus, to be guided by the Holy Spirit, they will be in utter darkness.
Their theories will fail, because they never knew Jesus.

thought they could predict and prescribe Him. Those who studied and
predicted prophecies will be astounded because things did not work out
the way they predicted.

Those who thought
they were strong will be shaken, they will be terrified by the hand of
God. The boastful and the arrogant will be made to naught. Disaster is
coming, the likeness of which has not been seen yet.

Hand will do it! They will marvel and curse Me, because they refused to
know Me. In that day I will mock with the mockers and the scoffers who
asked: "Now when is the day of the Lord coming?"

who were supposed to warn were engulfed in their own glory. Many were
called but they got side tracked by the lust of the flesh and the glory
of man. They forsook their calling and indulged in harlotries with the

Their part will be with the mockers and
the scoffers who set My day far off in the future. I will be with the
faithful in trouble but the fornicators will be judged, with the
sinners whom they despised. They were as much part of the world as the
world itself. "Vengeance is Mine", saith the Lord "I shall repay!" It
will be a day of darkness and anguish, peril and pain.

Darkness is coming. I will shake and they will fall. They delighted in iniquity.

  End of Prophecy.

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