Prophecy – Darkness

Darkness  November 29, ‘08

 I woke up this morning at 1:45 am from a dream. In this
dream I was saying these words: Dark days are coming. Few are interested to
know or to prepare.

 I got up and prayed. These words came to me from the Holy
Spirit: Seek Him in a time when He is to be found. Repent of your sin and your
self interest and seek Me. Few are concerned about My Kingdom and My
righteousness. Most are concerned only about themselves. Woe unto those who
refused to obey, who would not seek My authority to reign over their lives.
They refused to be fruitful. They listened to man and sought not My voice or My
guidance. Few live righteous lives. Most live worldly lives. They are called by
My Name but they do the things that I hate. They practice lawlessness and think
that because they are not punished, that I have become like them.

They do not fear Me, for they have turned to doctrines of
men and do not seek Me. I come soon to reward each one according to their
deeds. Those who seek Me, and practice righteousness, mercy and justice will
receive the crown of life. Those who practice evil and fornicated with the
world will have their parting eternal torment.

 Darkness is coming over the whole world but the righteous
will shine like the sun. Those who are practiced in hearing My voice shall fear
no evil. Their strength is in Me. Few have cleansed themselves and sought My
righteousness. Few have extra oil in their lamps. Few are they who delight in
My ways, have given up themselves and followed Me where I guide them.

 Mighty are My instruments to punish the ungodly- who can
prevent it? Fear will grip their hearts as they find nowhere to hide. Those who
mocked My warnings will be overcome with fear. They will perish when their
securities are stripped from them, their idols which they prepared for the day
of trouble.

 Where shall you hide from Me oh, man? Darkness and anguish
will befall you for your wickedness. Those who seek the glory of man will
perish. Their adulteries will perish with them. No peace, for the wicked, My
judgment will come and not delay. My Word will swiftly move to punish the
godless and the hypocrite. Darkness is here.

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A bond servant of Jesus Christ
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