Biggest mistake



We often end up in a predicament and then we realized that we have messed up, we have done something wrong, we missed, calculated or we just know we have done something that we should not have done and now we are in trouble.


The biggest mistake we can make when we have done wrong, when we ended up in trouble is not going to Jesus with our problem. It sometimes takes us a very long time before we realize that this problem is bigger than ourselves. I cannot sort it out and often our problem becomes just bigger and bigger. We take counsel from the wrong people, we run too and fro with our problem and eventually it becomes so big that we can’t sort it out, it is too big for us. Then we end up going to God, and then we get down unto our knees. Often it is not before it is a terminal illness, before we are so deep in trouble that nobody else can help us. Not before then do we go to Jesus with our problem. We should go to Jesus straight away with all our problems, from the smallest to the biggest. There is no problem that He cannot solve from the smallest to the largest. It’s like sin; there is no big sin and no small sin. Sin is sin and sin takes us away from the presence of God. There is no problem that Jesus cannot solve. It doesn’t matter what we have done, it doesn’t matter how bad it is, how hopeless it is. We should take it to Jesus, He gets into the action when it becomes impossible for us. He specializes in the impossible, or else it would not be a miracle. We forever are looking for a sign, a miracle from God. But it is when we get into real trouble that we go to Jesus, we say: Lord please help me, and He helps us. Then we experience the hand of God, then we experience the reality of what God can do.


There’s a song that says: “If I never had a problem I wouldn’t know that God could solve it and I wouldn’t know what faith in His name can do.” That is so true; Jesus said come to me all ye who are weary. He invites us and He wants to help us. Whoever comes to Him, He will never, never reject, He will never show them away. The mistake we make is not going to Jesus. It is written: Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. There it is not just talking about Christians, He is talking about everybody, whoever will call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ will be saved from their predicament. Our problem is that we get into problems and we don’t go to Jesus. Often we go to Jesus with our problem and once He has solved our problem we don’t stay with Him and then we get into bigger trouble.

 The best we can do is to stay with Jesus all the way, every day. If we realize how dependant we are on Him, then we slowly but surely start to learn wisdom. He said: blessed are those who know how dependant they are on God. If we realize that, we won’t go away from the Lord Jesus Christ. We won’t make the error of not taking our problems to Him. Obviously, when we go to Him we have to repent of our sins because if I have iniquity in my heart then God won’t answer my prayer. So if I have sin, if I have fallen into sin the best thing to do is to immediately repent, go to Jesus with it. He knows about it anyway, there is nothing that I need to tell Him that He doesn’t know, He knows it. He knows it and He treasures it when I come to Him and I say: Lord, help me it’s bigger than me, Lord Jesus please help me. He won’t help you, if you don’t come to Him. He won’t answer if you don’t call on Him. He does not share His glory with anyone, therefore the best thing we can do is immediately go to Jesus, just cry out and say: Lord help, no special prayer. No special prayer by a special person, just: whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. That is for you and that is for me, just ordinary people crying out to God Almighty and He is ready to come and to help us. He gets into our situation and to delivers us and keeps us from trouble if we just stick with Him, if we just stay dependent on Him. Let us go to Jesus with everything, everyday, every minute of our live’s and He will carry us through.

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