How real is your faith?

I want to ask you a question. How real is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you really, really following Jesus Christ? Answer that question in your mind, in your heart are you really following Jesus? I received a word from the Lord in my quiet time and want to share it with you as I wrote it down.


People don’t know Jesus, they know scripture, doctrine, but they don’t know the voice of the Shepherd. He knocks on the door of your heart, He wants to come in and feed you with the bread of life. Man shall not live from bread alone but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. He wants to feed you, each day with daily bread, speaking to you, words from the mouth of God. You need to spend time listening to Him, every day, waiting to be fed with His bread from heaven. Fresh manna for your soul, every day.


You can read and teach and preach and do scripture knowledge with sin in your heart you can even pray the Pharisees prayers. You can pray very, very nice prayers with sin in your heart but the Holy Spirit will not speak to you other than convict you of sin, righteousness and judgment. So, you can read, you can study the Bible, you can do all things with sin in your life but when you listen for the Holy Spirit He will not speak to you. He will only speak to you by condemning you for that sin in your heart that is not repented of yet.


It is possible to continue studying the Word, teaching,  preaching but the Holy Spirit won’t talk to you, while you have sin in your heart. That is the reason many people don’t hear His voice, they have sin in their lives. When you come in His presence you become aware of your unworthiness, your sin is a wall, separating you from Him. He will not answer your prayer. You can justify yourself from your Bible and scripture knowledge but you will not receive confirmation from the Holy Spirit. You can deceive yourself but the Holy Spirit is not partner in crime to sin and will convict you. The Holy Spirit will not approve of wrong doctrine, teachings and deceptions of which the church is full. There are many Christian deceivers, people themselves are deceived and they also deceive others. Jesus does not support them, the Holy Spirit does not either. People follow these deceivers. If you follow Jesus you will not be deceived, even if you are a young Christian. You will know the voice of the Shepherd, few people do.


Is your faith real? Is it based on your relationship with Jesus or on your knowledge of scriptures and doctrine. We read in the Psalms: Thy Word is a lamp unto my foot and a light unto my path. Is Jesus speaking to you, is the Holy Spirit speaking to you in your heart? Is the Holy Spirit guiding you in your heart?


What guides you? Your interpretation of scripture or the Holy Spirit in your heart saying to you, don’t do that or go that way. The Holy Spirit will guide you in your heart and that is what the Psalmist spoke of when he said: Thy My Word is a lamp unto my foot and a light unto my path. It is when the Holy Spirit of God speaks inside of you and me and tells you don’t do that. Are you listening to His voice, the Lord gives us each a conscience in the first place and if you have accepted Jesus Christ He has given His Holy Spirit inside of you to speak to you. Are you listening to His voice?


King David also says in the psalms:  I have kept They Word in my heart so that I will not sin against Thee. When Jesus has given you an instruction, are you obedient to His Spirit inside of you, telling you what to do and what not to do. We read in Romans 2:14 that  when the heathen do instinctively the things of the Law, they show that the Law of God is by themselves  do what is right, the works of the law, they show that the law is written in their hearts. Therefore they have no excuse, because God has put a conscience in each one of us. Do you listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to you? Are you pondering your relationship with Jesus or are you pondering knowledge? What are you thinking about all day? Are you thinking: Lord Jesus, how can I serve you better? Lord Jesus what do You want me to do? Am I thinking that, or am I pondering scripture knowledge?


There are so many translations of the Bible nowadays, and people are so busy with those translations, instead of spending time with Jesus Christ.  According to those translations they can justify themselves, and their own errors. When the Holy Spirit speaks to you He will not be accomplice to wrong teachings, He will not confirm it because the Spirit of God is not divided. People play games, the Holy Spirit does not play games. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, it only speaks the truth and it only testifies what Jesus said and it confirms what Jesus said.


It is not party to any of these wrong teachings that are going around, all these apostasy, Jesus is not part of it. If you follow Jesus you will know the truth. You will ask Jesus and He will show you and then you must stay with Jesus, you don’t run after people.


How real is Jesus to you today? Is He more real than your Bible, your friends, your spouse? Is His friendship more real than anything in your life? If it is not, you need to go on your knees, tell Him that. Jesus must become more real than anything. Is His Light the only thing that you see in this dark world. Is Jesus the bright shining light in this dark world of confusion or are other things lighting your way? We need to make sure of that. If Jesus is not the Light of our life, we are not following Jesus and our faith is not real, it is based on the wrong things. Our faith must be based on a relationship with Jesus Christ or else it is in vain, utterly, totally in vain. We must know the Master, and if we don’t know Him, we must tell Him: Jesus I need to know You Lord, speak to me, reveal Yourself to me.


Do you have a red letter Bible in your heart. The Holy Spirit will remind us of all those things that Jesus said. There are red letter Bibles where all the Words of Jesus Christ are printed red. That must be engrafted in your and my heart and the Holy Spirit will testify to that. People twist those Words, they neglect those Words, some of those Words they deny, they just don’t do them. They have decided in their own mind, through their own knowledge, that they see things differently and choose to disobey. It does not matter how you see it or I see it. What matters is how does Jesus sees it, and that is the same way that the Holy Spirit sees it. So what I think and what you think is totally immaterial, that’s trash. What counts, is what Jesus says, what His Spirit says. The Holy Spirit does speaks with one mouth not with two. So if there is a difference somewhere between what you think and what Jesus thinks, then the error is with you and with me. Jesus speaks with one mouth. We must ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what the will of God is and He will do it clearly.


The gospel is for children. His Holy Spirit is not those people who are educated, but for those people who have set their minds on Jesus Christ and want to know the truth. He will tell you the truth and you will walk in the truth because the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth. Are you obeying that red letter Bible in your heart? Have you put the Word of God in your heart? Is Jesus speaking to you? Are you taking seriously what Jesus is saying to you, what your conscience is telling you? Just read the Bible, take the four gospels and read the Words of Jesus, let them be engrafted in your heart because Jesus is the Judge and nobody else and we need to satisfy Him, or we won’t go into heaven.


We must make sure that our relationship with Jesus is at a par, it ties in with the Words of Jesus because He said: If you love Me, keep My commandments. He said: Why do you call me Lord and you do not obey what I said. We must obey Jesus one hundred percent and live in repentance every day, if we go wrong, we must ask forgiveness. The only important matter, is the reality of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Nothing is more important than that. Is the Holy Spirit constantly reminding you of the Words of Jesus and is it also talking together with your Spirit in unity, glorifying God? We need to worship Jesus in Spirit and in truth.

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